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The Official Journal of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India



Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 58 - Number 3 July - 2014

Orignial Articles

Short Communications

Original Articles

Role of Dopamine- D2 Receptor in Spatial Memory Retention and Retrieval Determined using Hebb-Williams Complex Maze : Kshitij S Jadhav ...191-195

Assessment Of Maternal Vascular Stiffness Indices In Three Trimesters Of Normal Pregnancy : Anil kumar pandey ...196-204

Pulmonary Functions In Tannery Workers - A Cross Sectional Study : Vasanthi Chandrasekaran ...205-209

Effect of controlled breathing exercises on the psychological status and the cardiac autonomic tone: SudarshanKriya and Prana-Yoga : Chhaya Kharya ...210-220

A Study On Association Of Leptin Receptor Gene Polymorphism With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome In Overweight And Obese North Indian Subjects : Sunita Tiwari ...221-227

Effect Of Different Forms Of Acute Stress In The Generation Of Reactive Oxygen Species In Albino Wistar Rats : Smitha KK ...228-231

Efficacy Of Naturopathy And Yoga In Bronchial Asthma : Aarti Jagannathan ...232-238

Catha Edulis Deteriorates Spatial Working Memory In Rats, But Spares Reference Memory : Praveen Kottath Veetil...239-249

Topical Amiloride Delays Healing of Deep Thermal Wounds In Albino Rabbit : Rajeev Kumar Sharma ...250-260

Effects of physical activity on Pupil cycle time (PCT) in healthy Indian male : Suparna Ghosh ...261-268

Short Communications

Arterial Blood Pressure is Inversely Associated with Vascular Sympathetic Reactivity (Isometric Handgrip Exercise) in Gujarati Indian Adolescents : Wasim A. Shaikh ...269-272

Subjective And Objective Convergence Of The Eyes At Simulated Altitude Of 18,000 Feet Preceded By Short-Term Exposure To Heat : Biswajit Sinha ...273-277

Functional Status Of Auditory Pathways In Children With Borderline Intellectual Functioning: Evoked Potential Study : Farah Khaliq ...278-281

Comparison Of Foetomaternal Circulation In Normal Pregnancies And Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Using Color Doppler Studies : Shikha Gupta ...282-287

Predicted Equations For Pulmonary Function In Normal Adolescent South Indian Population : R. Sitalakshmi...288-291

Second Digit And Fourth Digit Ratio Is An Adjunct Tool To Predict Obstructive Sleep Apnea : Mathangi DC ...292-295

Study Of Stress, Self-Esteem And Depression In Medical Students And Effect Of Music On Perceived Stress : Vrushali S. Baste ...296-299

Pulmonary Function Tests In Stone Crusher : Sachin Rathod ...300-303

Effect Of Yogic Training On Physiological Variables In Working Women : Manisha V. Kurwale ...304-308

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