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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 2 - Number 2 April- 1958

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Original Articles

Studies on Liver Function Te ts in Essential Hypertension. : S. K. Das Gupta & S. P. Gupta ...355

Two Contractile Systems in Muscle. : Inderjit Singh & A. K. Acharya ...362

The Effect of Chlorpromazine on Verbal Agression, : L. R. C. Haward ....367

Evaluation of Growth Promoting Effect of Total Rauwolfia Extract and its Alkaloid Reserpine, : R. P. Kohli, L. M. Pande, K. Kishore & M. L. Gujral ...374

Mental Stress and Eosinophil Count. : R. B. Mathur & J. C. Sachdev ...381

Pharmacological Studies on Melia Azadirachta, Linn. : N. O. Meliaceae. P. Suryanaryana Murthy & M. Sirsi ...387

Proceedings of the Third Conference Association of Physiologists & Pharmacologists of India, January 1958 : ... 397

Book Review