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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 3 - Number 4 Oct - 1959

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Original Articles

Serum Amylase and Protein Values in Healthy Medical Students. : R. M. Vaidya ...201

Some aspects of Anaphylaxis in guinea-pigs. : G. Achari and K. D. Chaudhuri ...206

The Male Factor in Fertility and Infertility : P. S. Vaishwanar and J.N. Deshpande ...211

Structure· Activity Relationship of CNS-Depressant Quinazol - 4 ones - Part II Truncated Portions of Quinazol - 4 - ones. : K. N. Sareen, R. P. Kholi, L. M. Pande, K. Kishor, M.K.P. Amma and M.L. Gujral ...217

Electrophoretic Protein Pattern distribution Among the normal Assamese People. : Pratul Goswami and Rohini Kanta Burua ...225

Effect of cold on the Isolated Rat Heart. : M. Ashwini Kumar, R.S. Satoskar, S. B. Marathe and U. K. Sheth ...235

Oral Contraceptive - Part IV Hormonal and Antiharmonal effects of Rottlerin. : D. R. Varma, K. N. Sareen, A. K. Roy and M. L Gujral ...246

Bioassay of Histamine. : N. K. Chowdhury, A. K. Sanyal and M. C. Srivastava ...255

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