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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 7 - Number 1 Jan - 1963


Review Article
Original Articles

Review Article

New concepts about the brain : B. Mukerji ...1

Original Articles

Capillary permeability-increasing of hyaluronidase in rat : M. N. Ghosh, R. M. Banerjie and S.K. Mukherji ..17

Inhibition of peristalsis in guinea-pig ileum by steroids and allied substances : M. L. Sharma and R. S. Grewal ...22

Evaluation of dye dilution and cardiometric methods of cardiac output estimation in dogs : Som Nath ...29

Effect of intraventricular histamine on gastric acid secretion : B. B. Gaitonde, S. V. Shaligram and S. K. Damle ...33

A stuty of extra-cellular fluid compartments during hyperthermia in dehydrated dogs : Surendra Kumar and P. M. Lahiri ...40

Coagulation components in experimental and clinical tuberculosis : V. V. Chiplunkar, M. Sirsi and Y. Rajasekhar ...44

Search for potent hypoglycaemic agents, Part IV Effect of biguanides and insulin on the glucose uptake and glycogen content of the isolated rat diaphragm : S. P. Paul and A. N. Bose ...55

The accelerator reflex in normal. and dehydrated dogs : Surendra Kumar and P. M. Lahiri ...59