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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 7 - Number 3 July - 1963


Review Article
Original Articles

Review Article

Electrophoretic serum protein patterns in health and disease : B. S. Kulkarni, R. S. Satoskar and U.K. Sheth ...117

Original Articles

Chromatographic separation of melanocyte stimulating oxytocic and vasopressic hormones from ox-pituitary posterior lobe and their relative electrophoretic behaviour : S. K. Canguly ...140

The actions of gallamine on rabbit intestine and on the isolated non-pregnant rat uterus : B. K. Garg and J. L. Laity ...145

A new technique for recording spontaneous motor activity : B. C. Vad, D. S. Shrotri and J. H. Balwani ...153

Effect of Nardostrachys Jatamansi and Rhus Succedanea against histamine and serotonin responses on lung perfusion and tidal air changes : S. S. Gupta, C. B. Seth and G. H. Balchandani ...158

Preliminary investigation on the action of bretylium on frog's isolated heart : C. R. Chandrasekhar and G. S. Raghunath Rao ...165

A study on the purgative activity of Triphala : K. N. Gaind, H. C. Mital and S. R. Khanna ..172

Serum proteins and protein-bound iodine in pregnant mother and new-born infant : Y. Bernard and C. M. Francis ...176

Effect of bretylium and guanethidine on the hyperglycaemic action of adrenaline : H. M. Parikh, C. D. Gulati and S. D. Gokhale ...183