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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 7 - Number 4 Oct - 1963


Original Articles

Original Articles

Spasmolytic activity of 3-substituted-4-quinazolone derivatives : K. Kar., R. N. Sur and N. N. De ...193

Adrenergic blockade produced by thephorin and tolazoline hydrochloride with special reference to the blockade of intestinal receptors : M. H. Panjwani, A. D. Joseph, M. V. Rajapurkar and K. S. Sachdev ...197

The influence of some antifungal antibiotics on nuromuscular transmission : M. Sirsi ...210

Seasonal variation in the activity of thyroid gland in rats : S. M. Kulkarni and R. C. Merchant ...215

Comparative study of two methods of fixing and staining the serum proteins separated by paper electrophoresis : K. G. Tanksale ....220

Inhibition of peristalsis reflex hy sympathomimetic drugs : M. L. Sharma and R. S. Grewal ...224

Some observations of antifibrillatory agents on ventricular fibrillation under hypothermia : J. P. Saxena ...235

On the presence of an antidiabetic principle in Momordica charantia : K. P. Chatterjee ...240

Local anaesthetic activity of a serres of new substituted basic anilids : M. S. Grewal and Gurdev Singh ...245

Effect of drugs on radio active iodine uptake by thyroid in rats : B. B. Gaitonde, R.S. Sotoskar and N.K. Dadhe ...252

Antihistaminic action of antimalarials : V. R. Deshpande,M. L. Sharma and P. G. Deshpande ...259

A Simple Construction of water baths : P. S. R. K. Hararath ...267

The dual nature of respiratory jaw reflex : S. Kumar and N. K. Misra ..270

Skin histamine in rabbits in neonatal life : K. G. S. Bhatt., H. L. Dhar and R. K. Sanyal ...276