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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 8 - Number 1 Jan - 1964


Original Articles

Original Articles

A study of blood coagulation components during pregnancy : V. V. Chiplunkar and M. Sirsi ....1

The cardiotonic and other pharmacologic actions of Theoetia neriifolia : B. B. Verma ....8

Effect of some ganglion blocking drugs on the responses of the rabbit tracheal chain to adrenaline, isoprenaline and aminophylline : V. V. Kelkar, O. D. Gulati and S. D. Gokhale ...21

Analgesic activity of a new quinoline derivative Ro-4-1778 : S. K. Gupta and B. B. Gaitonde ...27

Preliminary studies on newer synthetic anti- infective compounds : M. R. Rqjarama Rao and H. H. Siddiqui ...33

Screening of potential antimalarials against Prgollinaceum in chicks: Part IX-Some derivatives of 4-aminoquinazoline, 4 (3)-quinazolone, 4-aminobenz (h) quinaldine, biguanides and certain indigenous drugs : M. S. Dhatt, Harwant Singh and P.C. Basu ...42

Hepatic function and structure in congestive. heart failure : B.S. Sachdeoa, C. Prakash and I.D. Singh ...52

Isolation of orally of effective hypoglycaemic compounds from Ficus bengalensis Linn : H.D. Brahmachari and K. T. Augusti ...60

Potentiation of paraldehyde hypnosis by tolbutamide : M.M.B. Menon and K.S. Iyer ...65

The effect of two chemotherapeutic agents on paraldehyde and barbiturate hypnosis : K. Samu Iyer ...68

Anticoagulant activity of acenocoumarin in experimental animals : M.N. Jindal and D.S. Shah ...72

Paromomycin, polymyxin B and furazolidone in experimental cholera : N. K. Dutta and M. V. Panse ..80

A comparative evaluation of the anti permeability effects of some recent corticosteroids : S.S. Misra and H.N. Sapru ...89

A method to reduce solvent flow in paper chromatography : A.S. Saini, I.D. Singh and N.S. Poonia ...93

Studies on mechanism of histamine binding in mammalian tissues : M.K. Bagchi, K.C Gupta and G. S. Singh ...100

Respiratory minute volume during moderate exercise : S. Kumar and D. Ekanthappa ...104