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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 8 - Number 3 July - 1964

Special Article
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Special Article

Brain Amines and Electroshock Convulsive Threshold : C. Heymans, A. F. De Schaepdryver, A. L. Delaunois and Y. Piette ...113

Original Articles

Analysis of Residual Weight Discriminatory Ability and Evoked Cortical Potentials following Section of Dorsal Columns in Monkeys : June L. Devito, T. C. Ruch and H.D. Patton ...117

The Effect of Ultra Lente Insulin Administration in Rats : B. K. Apte and R. R. Chaudhury ...127

Blood Sugar Studies during Thiopentone Anaesthesia : M. Kumar and K. L. Saraf ...137

The Red Nucleus in the Mice, Monkey and Man : lnderjit Jerath ..143

Convulsant Action of Ro-4-1778 and its Modification by Barbiturates and Tranquillisers : S. K. Gupta and H. J. Kulkarni ...149

Serum Magnesium Content of Indians : B. Banerjee and N. Saha ...156

Studies on Central Nervous System Depressants (IX) : P. C. Dandiya and K. L. Hemnani ...161

Effect of Intravesical and Intraureteric Pressure on the Rate of Urinary Flow : S. Kumar and N. Shukla ...170

Reaction Time for Cutaneous Thermal Sensibility : Birendra N. Mazumdar ...177

Preliminary Phytochemical and Pharmacological Study of Symplocos Racemosa (ROXB.) : S. S. Mishro, S. K. Bapat and J. P. Tewari ...181

Vitamin B12 Content of Milk and the Haematology of Lactating Mothers : H. N. Aithal and M. Sirsi ....189

Effect of Electrolytes on the Spontaneous Rhythmicity of Rabbit-Duodenum : I. R. Beotra and M. L. Gupta ...195

Book Review