3 Vol_1965_9_1


Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 9 - Number 1 Jan- 1965




Recent Concepts about Aetiology of Diabetes Mellitus : N. R. Mysorekar and G. K. Rastogi ...1

Studies on Withania Ashwagandha, Kaul (Part IV) the Effect of Total Alkaloids on the Smooth Muscles : C. L. Malhotra, V. L. Mehta. K. Prasad and P. K. Das ....9

Effect of Halothane on Oxygen Uptake by Mouse Brain Compared to that of Chloroform and Ether : M. L. Chatterjee and M. N. Ghosh ...17

The Effect of Antibiotics on Fibrinolysis : A. Ramachandra Rao ...21

Study of Gastric Secretory Activity and Histology of Stomach in Pylorus Obstructed Dogs with Reference to Hormones : G. S. Tnndon, R. C. Shukla and Sujatha Balgangadharan ...29

A Study of the Effect of Pneumatic Distension of the Urinary Bladder on Blood Pressure : R. C. Shah, E. M. Best and B. N. Mazumdar ...39

Postural and Diurnal Variations in Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate : G. R. Chandrasekhar, C. K. Hiranya Gowda and G. S. Raghunath Rao ...45

Neuromuscular Actions of Some Newly Synthesized Lignocaine Analogues : M. N. Jindal and M. A. Patel ...57