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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 9 - Number 3 July - 1965


Original Articles

Original Articles

Some Cardiovascular Actions of Iproniazid and Pyrogallol : R.K. Sogani and V.N. Sharma ...103

Effect of Niarnid and Benzquinamide (Quantril) on the Release of Corticotrophin in the Rat : S.L. Goswami, R.K. Gupta and Harshvardhan ...111

Comparative Study of Thermal Oedema in Normal and Leprotic Subjects : G.S. Tandon, R.C. Shukla and S. Benjamin ... 119

The Action of Elapidae Venoms on Smooth Muscles : G.S. Singh and R.K. Sanyal ... 121

Studies on Withania-ashwagandha, Kaul (Part-v) : The Effect of Total Alkaloids (Ashwagandholine) on the Central Nervous System : C.L. Malhotra, V.L. Mehta, P.K. Das and N.S. Dhalla ...127

A Study of Tolerance of Ether Anaesthesia to Dogs with Varying Grades of Chronic anaemia : J.P. Saxena and P. Chandra ...137

Influence of pH on Tone and Motility of Isolated Strips of Rat Fundus and Pylorus Compared With Other Parts of Alimentary Tract : P.S.R.K. Haranath, K. Premalatha, G.V. Sitaramayya and K. Suresh Reddy ...143