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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 11 - Number 3 July - 1967


Original Articles

Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Role of 5-Hydroxytryptamine in Toxaemia and Abortion : S.C. Sen and S.K Ganeriwal ...74

Effect of Electrical Stimulation of the Medial Midbrain Reticular Formation and Administration of ACTH on the Plasma Electrolytes : B. Kar and R.N. Sen ...80

The use of the Physical Efficiency Tests in the Evaluation of Physical Improvement after a Military Course Involving Severe Physical Strain : K.K. Gupta ...89

Effect of Externally Applied Load on the Work done by the Isolated Heart : L.K. Kothari and V.V. Subba Rao ...95

Characterization of the Antiduiretic Factor in the Lysate of V. Choferae : N.B. Oza and N.K. Dutta ...101

Spasmolytic Activity of some Newer Quinazolones : P.R. Dua, R.P. Kohli, R. Kumar and K.P. Bhargava ...107

The Influence of some Blood Factors on Alteration of Circulation Time in Man : B.N. Mazumdar and R.M. Vaidya ...113

Vital Capacity in Young Indian Adults : D.P. Jakhanwal and P. Mohanty ...121

Letter to Editor

Histamine content of Albino Rat Uterus during Estrcus Cycle and Early Pregnancy : Kanti Kapila ...127

Peak Flow Rate in Indians : H.D. Singh ...129