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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 11 - Number 4 Oct - 1967


Original Articles

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Original Articles

"Tremor Induced by Tremorine (1, 4-Dipyrrolidino But-2-Yne) and its Antagonsim by Certain Antihistaminics : G. Achari and S.P. Sinha ...133

Studies on Indigenous Drugs Used in Uterine Disorders 1. Pharmacological Actions of the Extract of the Fruits of Piper Aurantiacum and an Attempt for the Identification of the Oxytocic Principles : S.P. Banerjee and P.C. Dandiya ...139

Electro-Cardiographic changes in Acute Hemorrhage : N.P. Bhatnagar and M.L. Gupta ...147

Effect of Natural and Semisynthetic Adrenal Cortical Hormones on the Gonads of Adult Female Albino Rats : S.L. Sarkar ...153

Effect of Meprobamate on Cholinesterase Activity of Dog Brain : V.L. Mehta, N.S. Kalrah and C.L. Malhotra ...159

Gonadal Influences on Gastric Secretion : B.B. Maitrya ..165

Incidence of ABO and Rh Blood Groups in Madhya Pradesh : R.P. Bhargava and Parmanand Rajani ...173

Short Communications

Crystal Cartridge as Force Displacement Transducer for Electronic Recording : C.L. Pathak ...181

A Note on Normal Blood Coagulation Values in Indian Rabbits : G.B. Mathur, V.S. Rajvanshi and B.N. Dhawan ...185

Letter to Editor

Is Asarone a Tranquilliser : S.P. Banerjee ...191