Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 12 - Number 3 July - 1968

Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor


Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry in the Service of Medicine : V. Dutt Mullick

Original Articles

Effects of some Tranquillizers on Learning and Memory Traces in Rats : A. Ahmad and G. Achari ...81

Smoking Habit and Pulmonary Ventilation in Adivasis : P. Mohanty and T.C. Gupta ...87

T'he Effects of Various Fractions of Gum Guggul on Experimentally produced Hypercholestraemia in Chicks : V. L. Mehta, CL, Ma/hotra and N.S. Kalrah ...91

Effect of Varying Intraluminal Pressures in Different Visceras on Blood Pressure and Respiration in Dog : R.C. Shukla, G.S. Tandon and S.S. Singh ...97

Effect of some Drugs on the Acetylcholine Release from the Cerebral Cortex of Cat : C.L.Malhotra and S. Prasad ...103

Effect of Tetrabenazine on Morphine Analgesia in Rats : S.K. Bapat and Vimal Chandra ...107

Prediction of Maximum Breathing Capacity in the Females of Gujarat : R.C. Talsania ...111

A Simple Calculation for Ergography : P. Simhadri and P. Sudhir ...115

Short Communications

The Effect of Luffa Echinata (Roxb) on Experimental Jaundice in Rats : S.K. Bapat and Vimal Chandra ...119

A Simple Device for Measurement of Ciliary activity of Frog's Oesophagus : Vidya S. Gokhale, D.S. Salunkhe and J.H. Balwani ...121

An Electronic Method of Recording Fluid Drops with E.C.G. or E.E.G. Machines : C.L Pathak ...123

Letter to Editor

Nature of Cholinergic Receptors on the Isolated Frog's Rectus Abdominis Muscle : O.N. Tripathi, M.K. Razdan and l. Gupta ...127

Sodium -alginate Toxicity in Mice : C.K. Arora, S.K. Chaudhury and Pawan S. Chauhan ...129