Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 14 - Number 2 April - 1970

Orignial Articles


Harvey Cushing - A Master Mind : S. Parvathi Devi

Original Articles

Recent Research in Indigenous Anti-diabetic Medicinal Plants - An Over-all Assessment : Ranita Aiman ...65

Some General Problems Concerning Research on Medicinal Plants : N.K. Bhide ...77

Trimethoxybenzene Derivatives from Indigenous Drugs : P.C. Dandiya ...87

Anti-allergic Activity of Plant Saponins in Relation to their Histamine Releasing and Anticholinesterase Effects : S.S. Gupta ...95

Cardiac Control in the Isolated Mammalian Heart : P.K. Gujral ...103

Vagal Tone : S.R. Kapoor ...107

Central Nervous Control of Cardiac Activity (Part-I) : S.K. Manchanda ...111