Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 14 - Number 3 July - 1970

Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor


Medical Colleges and Universities : O.D. Gulati

Original Articles

The Role of Blood Sugar Level in the Production of Experimental Gastric Ulcers in the Albino Rat by Pyloric Ligation : A.K. Ganguly and S.K. Lal ...121

Studies on the Thyroid Secretion Rate and Plasma Protein Bound Iodine Levels in Crossbred (New Hampshire X White Cornish) Chickens : V.P. Dixit, V.K. Agarwal and O.P. Nangia ...125

A Study of the Electrolyte Changes in Plasma during Hypothermia : K. Somasundaram, P.B. Shah, N.C. Sebastian, R.M. Bhatty and J.P. Saxena ...131

Fibrinolytic Activity and its Variations in Normal Healthy Subjects : S. Kaur and K.S. Sharma ...137

Blood Coagulation in Buffaloes III : S.C. Adaval and P.C. Gangwar ...141

The Effects of Acute Gastric Distension on Cardiac output and Related Functions of Dog : N.K. Satpathy, Binapani Das, R.K. Das and Sarada Chandra Patnaik ...145

A Study on the Inhibition of Spermatogenesis : R. Malathi Amma aud K. Madhavan Kutty ...155

Changes of Ventilatory Function Amongst Smokers and Non-smokers : M.S. Islam, P.K. Datta, D.K. Mitra and M.K. Chakraborty ...165

Effects of Adrenergic Drugs on Ciliary Epithelium : V.R. Deshpande, A.G. Chandorkar and J.J. Balsara ...175

Influence of some Antiarrhythmic Agents on Electrically Induced Convulsive Seizures in Rats : A.G. Phansalkar, S.D. Kulkarni and J.H. Balwani ...181

Some Psychopharmacological Actions of the Essential Oil of Litsea lutinosa (Lour.) C.B. Robins : M.K. Menon, A. Kar and C.S. Chauhan ...185

Effects of Ethinyl Oestradiol and Norethisterone Alone or in Combination on Thyroid Function and Histology of the Ovary, Thymus, Adrenals and Uterus : K.D. Virkar, Lylah Menezes, H.J. Kulkarni and B.B. Gaitonde ...193

A verage Gestation Period, Litter Size, Fertility Rate and Incidence of Unilateral Pregnancy in a Rat Colony : S.K Saksena and H. Datta ...199

Short Communications

Effect of Cold Stress on Glycogen and Cholinesterase Contents of Rat Myocardium and its Modification by Physostigmine : V.N. Sharma and N.K Khanna ...203

Letter to Editor

Effect of Vitamin Ka and Ayapana oh Blood Coagulation of Normal Buffalo Calves : S.C. Adaval and P.C. Gangwar ...207

A Study of Mechanism of Blood Coagulation and Factors concerned with it in Buffalo Calves : S.C. Adaval and P.C. Gangwar ...208

Antifertility Study with Leaf Extracts of Adina Cordifolia (Karam Ki Gaach) : M. Sabir and M.K Razdan ...209