Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 16 - Number 2 April - 1972

Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor


Editor's Desk-In Memoriam : S. K. Manchanda ...99

Original Articles

Regulation of Food and Water Intake: Conference Report : S. K. Manchanda ...101

The Response of Isolated Frog Hearts to Minimum Effective Concentrations of Cateeholamines and 5-Hydroxytryptamine : C. L. Pathak ...117

Brain of the Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) in Stereotaxic Coordinates : Kiran Singh, Khub Singh, B. K. Soni and S. K. Manchanda ...127

Electrolytes and Spontaneous Rhythmicity of Ventricular Muscle : B. L. Shah, R. L. Ajmera anti S. P. Mongia ...139

Phytochemical, Pharmacodynamic and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Prosopis Spicigera Stem Bark : B. R. Madan, J. L. Godhwani, A. P. Dadhich, R. K. Soni, S. K. Ghosal and O.P. Mahatma ...145

Interaction of Tolbutamide with Phenothiazines and Diphenhydramine : K. Samu Iyer, A. Narayanankutty Menon and T.K. Moideen ...151

Halothane Anaesthesia with Premedication in Dogs : K. S. Dhillon and B. S. Paul ..155

Mechanism of Stimulant Effect of Acetylcholine in Isolated Frog Heart : A. W. Bhagwat, S. S. Rao and S.S. Gupta ...159

Short Communications

Tests of Physical Fitness and Body Parameters : V. S. Bisen, C. A. Gursahani and V.G. Ranade ...163

Effect of Bile Salts and Biliary Obstruction on Pancreatic Secretion : G. S. Tandon, R. C. Shukla, S. N. Shukla and N. Shukla ...167

Letter to Editor

Parathyroid Function in Menstrual Cycle : R. K. Marya, B. K. Maini and P. Kalra ...171

Effect of Di-Hydro-B-Erythroidine on the Somatosensory Evoked Potentials in the Rat : V.K. Bhargava and P. Bhargava ...173