Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 16 - Number 4 Oct - 1972

Orignial Articles
Short Communication

Original Articles

Drugs and Agents used in Fertility Control - Pharmacological Approach : S. S. Gupta ...289

Urinary Calcium, Calcium/Creatinine Ratio and Magnesium in Normal Individuals : R. K. Marya, B. K. Maini, KK. Mahajan J. S. Bltargava and V. R. Bajaj ...295

Functional Capacity and Body Composition of Different Classes of Indian Athletes : M. S. Malhotra, S.S. Ramaswamy, N.T. Joseph and J. Sen Gupta ....301

Effect of Gamma Amino-Butyric Acid on Spinal Vascular Reflex Mechanisms : K. Seetha Devi and L.R.K Reddy ...309

Effect of Prolonged Stress of Repeated Electric Shock on Rat Myocardium : P. Lauria, V.N. Sharma and S. Vanjani ...315

Hydraulic Power Studies of Dynamic Reactions in the Peripheral Vascular Bed : S.K. Guha and K.P. Tewari ...319

Autonomic Responses to Stimulation of Paleocerebellum - Effects of Intercollicular Section : S.K. Manchanda and Rama Bhattarai ...329

Short Communications

Hepatomegaly : Parameter of Chronic Experimental Drug Toxicity : Nirmal Sethi, Vijaya Talwalkar and S.K Mukherjee ...339

Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) Activity in Human Serum : P.C. Borthakur ...345

A Simplified Technique for Estimation of Blood Glucose : N.C. Sharma, B.K. Sur and R.K. Shukla ...349

Drop Recording Device Based on Pneumatic Amplification : D.P. Thombre, M.G. Gogate and R.A. Dhume ...355