Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 17 - Number 3 July - 1973

Guest Editorial
Orignial Articles
Short Communication

Guest Editorial

Vasectomy For Contraception-Physiological Perspectives : L. K. Kothari ...209

Original Articles

Pharmacological Study of Antihistaminic Principle(s) in The Rana Tigrina Tissues : S. Jayasunder, S.M. Periyasamy and N. K. Bhide ...213

Studies on Local Anaesthetic and Antiarrhythmic Actions of-Iso-Propylamino-3-(4-Indanoxy)-2-Propanol HCI (USVC-6524),A New Beta-Adrenoceptor Atagonist : B.R. Madan and D. S. Vyas ...227

Effect of Ten Beta-Adrenoceptor blocking Agents on Spontaneous Motility and Pentobarbital - Induced Anasthesia in Mice : Barar F. S. K. and Madan B. R. ..235

Studies on the Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Moschus Moshifer (Musk) and its Possible Mode of Action : Taneja V, Siddiqui H H and Arora R B ...241

Mechanism of Variation in the Action of Acetycholine in Isolated Frog Heart : Pathak C L ....248

Effect of Thyroid Feeding on Pancreatic Secretion in Dogs : Tandon G S, Shukla R C, Shukla S N and Singh S S ....257

Blood Glucose Cardiac and Skeletal muscle Glycogen Elector-Cardiaogram and Haematological Changesin Acute Heat Stress-Modification by Physostigmine and Atropine : S. Vanjani, V. Sharma and P. Lauria ...261

Ventilatory Tests and Lung Volume Studies in Madhya Pradesh - Physiological Norms : Bhargava R P, Misra SM and Gupta N K ....267

Effect of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide on Oestrus Cycle and Offspring in Rats : Sam V and Joseph T ....273

Development of a New Long Acting Contraceptive for Women : Shrivastava U K, Bhatnagar Shakuntala and Laumas K R ....283

Short Communications

A study of Reaction Time and Heart Rate in Medical Students : Deshpande J N, Sen S C, Ingley K N and Kherau J R ....287