Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 17 - Number 4 Oct - 1973

Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Effect of Imipramine of Adrenergic Responses : Shaikh A A, Gulati O D and Parikh H M ...299

Preparation and Exchange Properties of Cation Exchange Resin Mixtures for the Removal of Excessive Ammonium from the Extracorporeal Circulation System : Jugi J S ...310

Chemical Correction of Stored Bank Blood by Ion Exchange Resin Mixtures : Jugi J S, Singh I D and Chaudhary N C ...323

Effect of Protein Deficiency on Response of Ovarious to Exogenous Gonadotrophins : Gupta S R and Anand B K ...334

Pyradine Nucleotides: Basis for the Hypotensive Action of Triphosphopiridine Nucleotide : Chauhan Pawan S, Chauhan C K, Chaudhary S K and Datta A G ....341

Temperature and pH Abnormalcy on the Activities of Succinate, Glutamate and Glycerophosphate Dehydrogeneses in Cell Free Extracts of Sheep Liver : Kesava Rao K V and Swami Karumuri S ...349

Compartive Evaluation of Different Training Programmes on Physical Fitness : Malhotra M S, Gupta J Sen and Joseph N T ...356

Effect of Stay at High Altitude on the Serum Proteins of Man : Brahamachari H D, Malhotra M S, Joseph Santa and Ramachandran K ...365

Effect of Distension of Urinary Bladder on Blood Pressure and Respiration : Prabhakar N R, Nishith S D and Saxena J P ....370

Stereotaxic Apparatus for Frog Brain : Ramakrishna T and Sharma K N ...376

Short Communications

Effects of Oxygen Inhalation on Cold Pressor Responses of Man : K.F.Joshi .C.A.Desai, R.C.Shah And M.G.Amin ...381

Effect of Some Psychoactive Agents on Pentobarbitone Anaesthesia in Rats : Raina Rajendra K ....384

Effect of 30-Day Feeding of Piperazine on Rats : Raj R Kaleysa ...387

Letter to Editor

Foreign Travel and Indian Scientist : N K Bhide ....390