Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 18 - Number 1 January - 1974

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Sir R N Chopra ....1

Original Articles

Central Nervous Control of Venous Tone - I : Effect of Sympathetic Chain Stimulation on Cutaneous Capacitance and Resistance Vessals : S K Manchanda and Bhattarai R ...3

Central Nervous Contral of Venous Tone - II : Venopressure and Venodepressure Points in the Medulla Oblongata and the Hypothelamus : S K Manchanda Bhattarai R and S L Kaul ...14

Influance of Paricardial Pressure on the Rate of Denervated Unperfused Frog Hearts : C L Pathak, N V Jog and S Goyal ...23

Effect of Dephenylhydrantoin and Lithium Separately and in combination on Electroshock induced Seizures in Mice : Brinda Umberkoman and Thangam Joseph ...29

Conduction Velocity in the Fastest Motor Fibres of Ulnar Nerve : S K Lal and V Anantharaman ...35

Short Communications

Urinary Excretion of 17-Ketosteroids and 17-Hydroxycorticoids in the Ovalatory and Anovulatory Menstrual Cycle : U Mathur, P Bhargava and B B L Mathur ....39

Influance of Cocain, Nialamide and Pyrogallol alone and in Combination on the responses of Rat Isolated Seminal Vesical to Noradrenaline : R S Kanwar, Rekha A Wakade and O D Gulati ...44

Influence of Metronidazole and Chloral Hydrate on the Activity of Other Drugs : K Samu Iyer and A Govinda Kutty ...49

A Comparative Study of 4(2-Hydroxy-isopropyl Aminopropoxy) Indole (Visken) against Oubain-induced Cardiac Arrythmias in Anasthetised Dogs : R K Mohabey and B S Deshmanker ...53

Antimuscrinic Activity of Nicotine : O P Sethi and O D Gulati ....57

Fluctuation in Sex Chromatin during Various Phases of Menstural Cycle : I S Paintal and R J Minina ...60

Hyperglycamia and Liver Glycogenolysis in Histamine Administered Frogs : Chandra Mohan, C S Sheela Rani, H K Hanumanthana, Priyadarshani and R V Krishnamoorthy ...63

Effect of Propranolol in Pituitary Adrenal Axis : C P Trivedi and R P Sharma ...66

Letter to Editor

Unusual Ganglionic Receptor Site for Choline in Rats : G S Singh ...68

Book Review : ...69