Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 19 - Number 1 Jan - 1975

Orignial Articles

Original Articles

Involvement of Central Adrenergic Mechanism in the Induction of Cardiac Arryhthmias by Aconitine Nitrate Administered Intraventiculary : B V Telang and J N Ng'ang'a ...1

Furthur studies on the Mechanism of Rise in Blood Pressure and Techycardia after Intraventicular Administration of Aconitine : B V Telang, B B Gaitonde, M S Kekre and G V Shukthankar ....11

Development and Inditial Evaluation of a Vas Deferens Valve : L Kuckuck, G S Chhina and S K Manchanda ...20

Studies on the Action of Harmones on the Intestinal Transport of L-Histidine : V K Kansal and D S Wagle ...28

Spasmolyctic Activity of two Synthetic Anlide Local Anaesthetics : Gurdev Singh and K C Mishra ...34

SintamilR - A New Dibenzoxazepine Antidepressant : K Nagarajan, J David, C L Kaul, R K Maller, R R Rao and R S Grewal ...39

Studies on Morphin Analgesia : Rajinder K Raina ...43

Screening of Indigenous Plants for Anthelmintic Action Against Human Ascaris Lumbricoids : Part II : R Keleysa Raj ...47