Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 20 - Number 1 Jan - 1976

Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Book Review

Original Articles

Effect of Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone (LH-RH) on the Multiunit Activity of the Arcuate Nucleus : O. P. Tandon and S. K. Manchanda ... 1

Increased Fat Degradation in the Denervated Muscle of Frog : A. Singarachari and R. V. Krishnamoorthy ...9

Inhibition of Steroid Induced Gastric Ulcers in Forestomachectomized Albino Rats by Phenobarbital : R. Nazeer Ahamed and M. Appaswamy Rao ...17

A Comparative Study of a few Tests of Dynamic Lung Function : B. N. Mazumdar, C. A. Desai and N. C. Shah ...22

The Role of Nerves in the Production of Cardiac Arrest during Surgical Anaesthesia : Shobha Sriuastaoa, R. D. Srioastaoa, S. Kumar and K. N. Sinha ...27

A Study of Basal Metabolic Rate in Adult Kashmiris : G. L. Dhar, G. M. Shah and M. Sayeed ...33

Mechanism of Action of Chronically Administered Cannabis Extract on the Female Central Tract of Garbils (Meriones Hurrianae) : V. P. Dixit, Manjula Arya and N. K. Lohiya ...38

Short Communications

The Role of Imipramine Hydrochloride on Plasma Transaminase and Glucose Level on Rats under Altitude Stress : Ajit K. Chatterjee, Sudhir K. Dighe, Amar S. Sachan, Shri K. Sharma and Arun K. Chatterjee ...42

Book Review