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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 22 - Number 1 Jan - 1978

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J.P. Saxena ....1

Original Articles

Maj.-Gen. S.L. Bhatia Oration - 1977 : Developmenl of Physiology in India - A Personal view : B.K. Anand ...2
Funher Studies on Pharmacology of Berberine : M. Subir, M.H. Akhter and N.K. Bhide ...9

Effect of Foot-Electroshock Stress on Cholinergic Activity, Tissue Glycogen and Blood Sugar in Albino Rat : S.N. Dube, B.B. Nayak and P.K. Das ...24

Effect of Glucocorticoids on Insulin Sensitivity in Newborn Dogs : Sarla Varma ...33

Role of Vagus in Thermal Panting : R. Saxena, S. Kumar, S.N. Tandon and P.C. Jain ...39

Factors Affecting ill vitro Lipid Peroxidation of Rat Brain Homogenate : V.N.R. Kartha and S. Krishnamurthy ...44

Study of Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Changes under Distension of Right and Left Atrial Appendages in Dogs : J.L. Agarwal, N. Shukla and C.S. Tandon ...53

Enhancement of Insulin Hypoglycaemia by Beta Adrenoceptor Antagonists : R.C. Singh, V.K. Srivastava, G. Tayal, R.K. Srivastava and D.N. Prasad ...61

Effect of Papaya (Carica Papaya Linn) on Pregnancy and Estrous Cycle in Albino Rats of Wistar Strain : M. Gopalakrishnan and M.R. Rajasekharasetty...66

Acetylcholine: A Possible Neurotransmitter in Setaria Cervi : K.C Singhal, N. Zehra, U. Singhal and P.N. Saxena ...71
Studies in Tissue Glycogen in Acute Stress : A.K. De, Chhabi Dey and P.K. Debnath ...75

Effect of Light and Exhaustive Ergometric Exercise on Blood Sugar. Total Cholesterol and pH in Untrained Young Human Subjects : G.K. Tandon, M.C. Pant, V.K. Negi, S.R. Arora and H.N. Mehrotra ...78

Effect of Cyproterone Acetate on the Testicular Function of Bat (Rhinopoma Kinneari Wroughton) : V.P. Dixit, H.C. Jain, A.N. Sharma, S.K. Bhargava and J.S. Sandhu ...82

Pulmonary Functions and their Correlation with Anthropomorphic Parameter in Young Adults of Haryana (India) : K.K. Mahajan, B.K. Maini, S.K. Mahajan, S.C. Srivastava and Subhash Chander ...87

Effect of Diethylcarbamazine on Setaria Cervi in vitro : K.C. Singhal, B.R. Madan and P.N. Saxena ...93

Modification of the Toxicity of Acetylcholine by Prior Atropinization in Mice : Saroj Sanan and N.K. Goel ...98
Angiotensin Induced Changes in Blood Glucose Level : K.N. Singh, S. Agrawal and Vimal Chandra ...101

Short Communication

Some Metabolic Effects of Adrenergic Drugs in Bubalus Bubalis : R.C. Gupta, J.K. Malik and B.S. Paul ...105

Letter to Editor

On the Phenylhydrazine Reaction for Corticosteroids : H. C. Tandon and B. K. Sur ...237

Cardiac Effects or Paracetamol : S. B. Acharya ...239

Diuretic Activity of 3-N-Butylamino-4-Phenoxy-5-Sulphamyl Benzoic Acid (Bumetanide) in Hamster : R. B. Patel. T. P. Gandhi. G. F. Shah ,and V. C. Patel ...241

Book Reviews and News