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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 22 - Number 2 April - 1978

Original Articles
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Haemodynamic Effects of Hypothalamic Stimulation on Skin and Muscle Venous Beds : Rama Mukherjee, S.K. Manchanda and U. Nayar ...113

Alveolar Stability of Altitude Raised Rats : Bal Krishna, Ratan Kumar, K.S. Hegde and R.S. Sharma ...125

Some Photoresponses of Isolated Tissue Preparations to Ultraviolet Light in the Presence of Photosensitizers : H.D. Trivedi, V. V. Kelkar, M.N. Jindal and K.C. Dave ...136

Evaluation of Certain Tranquillisers and Sedative Premedication on the Safety Index of Volatile Anaesthetics : M.P. Singh, Hardyal Singh, M.S. Kohli and K.S. Ahluwalia ...142

A Study of Some Nitrogenous Constituents in the Newborn Infants and their Mothers : Uma Joshi and M. L. Gupta ...147

Letter to Editor

Effect of Cannabis (Bhang) Extract on Blood Glucose and Liver Glycogen in Albino Rats : C.M. Scni and M.L. Gupta ...152

Interaction of Acetylcholine and Caffeine on the Isolated Rectus Abdominis of Frog (Rana Tigrina) : S.S. Rao, A. W. Bhagwat and V.G. Parmananad ...155

Lipid Content of Human Fallopian Tube : S. R. Chowdhury ...158

Response of Exercise on Blood Leucocytes and Cholesterol in Castrated and Uncastrated Male Buffaloes : S.P. Agarwal, V.K. Agarwal and A. Ahmad ...160

Abstracts - XXIII Annual Conference of APPI, December,1977 ...163