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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 23 - Number 1 January - 1979

Original Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Effect of Creatinine on various Experimentally Induced Inflammatory Models : Madan B R and Khanna N K ...1

Lung Function Tests in Rajasthani Subjects : Gupta Pratibha, Gupta Somnath and Ajmera R L ...8

Alterations of some Chemical Constituents in Blood and Liver of Jowar Fed Chicks : Pande D N and Nagchaudhuri J...15

Lognormal Distribution in Physical Work Capacity in Young Healthy Males : Verma S S, Gupta J. Sen and Ma/hotra M S ...21

The Hypolipidemic Effect of Onion (Allium Cepe Linn) in Sucrose Fed Rabbits : Sebastian K L, Zacharias N T, Philip Babu and Augusti K T...27

Short Communication

Vagus Stimulation Effect during various Doses of Fluid Infusion in Dogs : Suresh T P and SharmaK N ....31

Histologic Explaination for Retluced Fetal Urine Production and for Reduced Amount of Amniotic Fluid in Complicated Pregnancy : Vyas U K and Arya P L...35

Neuropharmacological Actions of Labetalol : Dedhich A P, Khanna N K, Vyas D S and Jain P ...39

Electrolyte changes in Plasma and Urine during Tender Coconut Water Infusion in Dogs : Suresh T P and Sharma K N ...44

Towards Substantiation of Intact Hephron Hypothesis : Vyas U K and Arya P L .....49

Letter to Editor

Modification of Hexobarbitone Sodium-induced Hynosis in Mice by Beta Adrenergic Receptor Blocking Agents : Singh Kushal Pal ...52

Antiarrhythmic Action of Metiamlde in Experimental Cardiac Arrhythrnias : Soni R K, Pendse V K, Madan V and Madan B R ...55