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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 23 - Number 2 April - 1979

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Review Article

Gastric Histamine Receptors and Cyclic AMP : Verma Subhash C and McNeill John H ...57

Original Articles

Cholera Toxin and Vibrio in the Adu't Rat Intestinal Loop : Akhter M H, Sebir M, Srinivas R V, Mohapatra N L and Bhide N K ...68

The Effect of Tonicity on Glucose Absorption and Histomorphology of Rat Intestinal Mucosa : . Mehta V and Singh S I ...77

Antral Motility Response to Passive Limb Joint Movements : H.C. Tendon, P. Varma and V.M. Bhatnagar ...86

Effect of different Dietary Carbohydrates on some Hepatic Dehydrogenases and total Lipid during Starvation and Refeeding Regimen : Vaishwanar I and Jangle Suresh N ...95

Thin-Layer Chromatographic Method for Estimation of Ƴ-Aminobutyric Acid from Brain : Gokani V N, Thekker Medha U, Patel Jaya G, Ghosh S K and Chetterjee S K ...101

Effect of Estrogen and Testosterone on the Gastric Secretion of Rats and Conscious Rabbits : Meitrya B B, S. Gehlot and Meitrya B...105

Modulation of Vagus Escape Phenomenon by Afferent Vagal Stimulation : Mohan Madan and Rai.U C ....110

Toxicological Study of Semecarpus Anacardium Nut Extract : Kesava Rao K V, Gothosker S V, Chitnis M P and Ranadive Kamal J ...115

Hormonal I nfluence on Epididymal Lipids : Umepethy E, Manimegalai K S and Govindarajulu P ...121

Effect of Ingestion of Glucose on Fibrinolytic Activity and Prothrombin time in Diabetic and Non-diabetic Persons : V. D. Joshi ...127

Short Communication

Effects of Neuromuscular locking Agents on Arterial Blood Pressure in the Rat : Jiffry M T M ...133

A Simple Gravimetric Method for Estimation of Plasma Fibrinogen : Saxena K K, Srivastava R K, Kulshrestha V K and Prasad D N ...137

Letter to Editor

A Comparison of Antiarrhythmic Effect of Pindolol and In Exoertrnenu l Cardiac Arrbvthrnias : Soni R K, Pendse V K, Acharya V S and Soni V...140

Xanthotoxol (XT) • A Potent 5·HT Antagonist : Sethi O P and Naik Ketan. ....142