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Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 23 - Number 3 July - 1979

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Original Articles

A Hand Grin Dynograpt) and Weighing Machine : Twin Application of a Simple Principle : R. L. Bijlani ...145

Diuresis during Fluid Infusion: Buffer Nerve and Spinal Influences on it : T. P. Suresh and K. N. Sharma ...157

Encdurance Capacity for Continuous Eflon in Terms of Aerobic and Anaerobic FractIon of Oxegen Supply : J. Sen Gupta, S.S. Verma and N.C. Majumdar ...169

Influence of Hormones on Accessory Sex Glands in Males : E. Umapathy, S. Manimekalai and P. Govindarejulu ...179

Receptive Relaxation and Post-Ovulatory Motility Pattern of the Oviduct in Conscious Rabbits : S.K. Manchanda. Ratna Roy Choudhary. Deepa Sakhuja. U. Nayar and J. Sengupta ...185

The Influence of Artobotrys Odoratissimus Linn. Extracts on Phosphatase Activity in the Uterus of Rats : A. O. Prakash ...193

Reduced Beta Adrenergic Responsiveness in Isolated Rabbit Atria during Hypothermia : S. A. Omar, D. Hammad lind S. Varma ...199

Influence of Increased Anatomical Dead Space on Functional Residual Capacity of Lungs and the Lung Clearance Index : M. L. Wadhawan and C. S. Narayana Shetty ...204

Effcet of Garlic on Normal Blood Cholesterol Level : S. Bhushan. S.P. Sharma. S.P. Singh. S. Agrawal. A. Indrayan and P. Seth ...211

Effect of Pregnancy and Thyroidectomy on the Rat : J. N. Panda, P. M. Rao and J. Goswami ...215

Short Communication

Possible Mechanism of Hydrocortisone Induced Eosinopoenirt : R. K. Srivastava. V. Bhasin. V. K. Srivastava. G. Tayal and O. N. Prasad ...219

Antispasmodic Activity of the Tertiary Base of Daucus Carota. Linn. Seeds : S. S. Gambhir. S. P. Sen. A. K. Sanyal and P. K. Das : ...225

Effect of Some Drugs on Human Appendix In Vitro : S. M. Mansuri and M. N. Jindal ...229

Histamine Receptors in Guinea-pig. Isolated Urinary Bladder : Meena S. Naik. Padma S. Zade and Manohar K. Jagtap ...234

Letter to Editor

On the Phenylhydrazine Reaction for Corticosteroids : H. C. Tandon and B. K. Sur ...237

Cardiac Effects or Paracetamol : S. B. Acharya ...239

Diuretic Activity of 3-N-Butylamino-4-Phenoxy-5-Sulphamyl Benzoic Acid (Bumetanide) in Hamster : R. B. Patel. T. P. Gandhi. G. F. Shah ,and V. C. Patel ...241

Book Reviews and News