Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 23 - Number 4 Oct- 1979

Original Articles
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Vagal Tone of Effect of Vagolomy on the Cieculatory Response to Arterial Hypoxia : Monir Kashani and M.A. Khoyi ...247

Effects of Buphenin on the Rat Portal Vein : M. Ch. Michailov. W. Felix and U. wetscher ...254

Antagonism of Calcium-induced Contractions by some Non-specific Spasmolytics in Depolarized Smooth Muscles : K. G. Hemavathi, J.D. Bhatt. D.V. Amin, O.D. Gulati and D.S. Shah ...261

Relations of PTC Responses and Secretor Status to Blood Groups : S. Bhatia, K.N. Sharma, O.P. Tandon and S. Singh ... 269

Gustatory Preferences during Estrus Cycle in Rats : R. Kanaka. S. Dua-Sharma and K. N. Sharma ...277

Non-Competitive Inhibition of Serum Acetylcholinesterase (E.C. 3.1 .1 .7) by Vacor (N-3- Pyridyl Methyl-N '-P-Nitrophenyl Urea) in Bandicoot Rats : S.V. Uaha Devi and R.V. Krishnamoorthy ...285

Effect of L-Histidine Pretreatment on Methamphetamine Induced Stereotyped Behaviour in Rats : M.P. Muley, J.J. Balsara and A.G. Cbendorkar ...291

Effect of Intracisternal Injection of ACTH on Blood Glucose and Hepatic Glycogen in Dogs : G.C. Agarwala ...297

E:ffect of Unilateral Stsllate Ganglion Blockade and Stimulation on Experimental Arrhythmias : R.C. Pandey; R.D. Srivastava and V.M. Bhatnagar ...305

Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in South Indian Adults : H.D. Singh and Sundaresh Peri ...315

Phagocytic Response of Leucocytes in Sacretors and Non -Secrators of ABH (O) Blood Group Substances : O.P. Tandon, S. Bhatia. R.L. Tripathi and K.N. Sharma ...321

Sialic Acid in Human Semen : Anjali Nag and Narayan Chaudhuri ...325

Spermicidal Activity of some Halides : J.P. Narayan and J.N. Singh ...329

Lipid Pattern in Female Reproductive Tissues during different Phases of Oestrous Cycle : S. Menimekalai, E. Umapathy and P. Govindarajulu ...333

A Study of Dynamic Lung Functions in Textile Workers : V.L Neresimhe Rao and H.C. Tandon ...342

Letter to Editor

Substituted Ouinazolones as Anticonvulsants : V.K. Srivastava. B.R. Pandey, R.C. Gupta, J.P. Barthwal and K. Kishore ...347