Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 24 - Number 1 January - 1980

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Review Article

Adrenergic Mechanisms for Histamine H.-Receptor Effects on Rat Myometrium : Verma Subhash C, Goyal Ramesh K and McNeill John H ...1

Original Articles

l.iplds in Accessory Sex Glands of Immature, Mature and Castrated Male Rats :Umapathy E, Manimekalai S and Govinderejulu P ...8

A Study of Physical Work Capacity of Sea Level Residents on Prolonged Stay at High Altitude and Comparison with High Altitude Native Residents : Dua G L and Gupta J Sen...15

Effect of Indomethacin (A Prostaglandin Synthetase Inhibitor) onthe Permeability of Blood-Brain and Blood-CSF Barriers in Rat : Dey P K, Sharma H S and Rao K S...25

Evidence for both H1 and H2. - Histamine Receptors in Rabbit Atria : Srivastava R D...37

Mode of Action of Centchroman at Vaginal and Ovarian Levels in Immature Rats : Srivastava Kartar and Dasgupta P K ...43

Effect of Chronic Local Administration of Norethisterone Enanthate on the Testes of Adult Rat : Srivastava Umesh K and Malaviya Brsjesh...49

I131 Rose Bengal Clearance during Hepatic Regeneration in Rats : Namasivayam A and Padmanabhan N...56

Short Communication

Myocardial Depressant Fraction in the Venom of Dendroaspis Angusticeps : . Wangai J, Ng'ang'a J N, Mungai S , Thairu K and Telang B V...61

The Influence of Muscle Use on Conduction Velocity of Motor Nerve Fibres : Singh Pardaman I and Maini B K...65

Effect of Glucagon on the Perfused Rat Hind-Quarter Vessels and on Perfused Coronary Arteries of Rabbit : Singh J, Bala S, Kaur A H and Garg K N...68

Letter to Editor

Psychoactive Drugs on Brain Acetylcholine (Ach) Levels in Rats : Gupta S B....71

Corrigendum ...73