Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 24 - Number 4 Oct - 1980

Original Articles
Short Communication
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Original Articles

Effect of Dehydration and a few Regimes of Rehydration on Human Performance : R.L Bijlani and KN. Sharma ...255

Effect of Protein Deprivation and Subsequent Rehabilitation on the Intestinal Transport of L-Methionine In Vivo : V.K. Kansal and Anita Malik ...267

Reversible Chemical Sterilization : Effects of Cyclohexanol Administration on the Testes and Epididymides of Male Rabbit : V.P. Dixit, R.S. Gupta. Santosh Kumar and B.C. Joshi ...278

Effect of Hippocampal Lesion on Estrus Cycle and Estrus Activity in Rats : D.P. Thombre, V. Srinivasan. N.V. Adhinarayana Murthy and G.P. Bhatnagar ...287

Investigations on Metabolic Alterations in Laying Hens following Amino Acid Administration : D.N. Pande and J. Nagchaudhuri ...294

Diesel Automobile Exhaust and Lung Surfactant Activity - An Experimental Study in Albino Rats : U.C. Rai. V. Srinivasan. P. Krishnan and A. Srinivasa Rao ...299

Respiratory Performance and Grip Strength Tests on the Basketball Players of Inter University Competition : A.K De. A.K. Bhattacharya. B.K. Panda and P.Studies on Anti-inflammatory. Analgesic and Antipyretic Activities of some Indan AcidsK. Das Gupta ...305

Studies on Anti-inflammatory. Analgesic and Antipyretic Activities of some Indan Acids : A Roy. J.K. Gupta and S.C. Lahiri ...310

Maze-cum-Activity Cage with Automatic Recording System for Evaluation of Circadian incentive Drives in Rats : R.A. Dhume and M.G. Gagate ...317

Influence of Sex Steroids and Prolactin on Rat Mammary Gland : N. Srinivasan. P. Gavindarajulu and G. Vanithakumari ...322

Effect of Glucagon on Arrythmias Induced by Coronary Artery Occlusion and Ouabain in Dogs : J. Singh, S. Bala, A.H. Kaur and K.N. Garg ...329

Hormonal Influence on the Oviducal Lactate Dehydrogenase and its lsoenzvrnes : G. Vanithakumari. P. Gavindarajulu and N. Srinivasan ...335

Mechanism of Hypercalciuria in Experimental Metabolic Acidosis : R K Marya, RC Dadoo, S. Khurana, R K. Keshwani and H.L Chhabra ...341

Short Communication

The Cardiac Inotropic Responses to Insulin in the Rat Heart : Dipak K. Shah and Subhash C. Verma ...346

Effect of Mepyramine on the Histaminase Release Induced by Heparin Injection and Anaphylaxis in Guinepigs : B.R. Sainath. K.C. Dave and K.S. Sachdev ...351

Effect of Estrogen on Lens Epithelium in the Albino Rat : K.K. Bisaria ...357

Letter to Editor

Monoamine Oxidase- Inhibitory Activity of 2-Aryl-3-(5'-chlorobenzophen:ln-2'-yI ) Quinazolin-4-(3H)-ones : V.K. Srivastava, R.K. Satsangi. P Kumar and K. Kishor ...361

Plasma Levels of Estradiol and Progesterone during normal Menstrual Cycle in Langur Monkey (Presbytis Entellus Entellus) : S.R. Chawdhury, R.K. Saran and Harish Chandra ...364

Effect of Isoprenaline on Ether induced Arrhythmias : A.K. Kela. L. Prakasam Reddy, D.P. Thombre and U.C. Rai ...367

A Simple Device for Rapid Measurement of Rat Paw Oedema for Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory Activity : A. Roy. S.M. Roy. J.K. Gupta and S.C. Lahiri ...369

Book Review