Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 25 - Number 1 Jan - 1981

Original Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor
Book Review

Original Articles

Pharmaclogical Studies of Certain Amides of Substituted Ethylenediamines - I : O.P. Sethi, A.M. Ismail, K.K. Pillae. O.S. Bhatia and B.M. Trivedi ...1

The Glucose Telerance of the West African Dwarf Goats : S.G. Nair and S.N. Shetty ...11

Effects and Site of Action of Single-Breath of 100% CO2 on the Monosynaptic Reflexes in Cats : Subhra Basu ...17

Axiliary Tomperature in Relation to Oral Temperature in a Group of Children in Sri Lanka : K.M.H. Perera. G.R. Colombage and Chandrika Perera ...26

Pattern of Skeletal Muscle Chemical Composition during In VIVO Electrical Stimulations : P. Reddanna. C. V. Narasimha Moorthy and S. Govindappa ...33

Nitrogen and Sulphur Elimination in 24 Hours Urine by Elderly Indians : J.D. Pathak and S.D. Joshi ...41

Electrocardiographic Changes on Sublethal Poisoning of VacoR and SilmurinR to Bandicota Bengalensis : S. V. Ushadevi. T.P. Suresh and R. V. Krishnamoorthy ...48

Pulmonary Functions in Healthy Adults 17-25 Years Old of Tirupati : B.L, Meti ...53

Excretion Studies of Nitrofurantoin and Nitrofurantoin with Deglycyrrhizinated Liquorice : Renuka Datla, S.R. Rao and K.J.R. Murthy ...59

Platelet Count in Permanent Residents of High Altitude : Subhash C. Sharma ...65

Short Communication

A Comparison of Ventilatory Pulmonary Functions between the National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.) of Hilly and Plain Areas : A.K. De. P.K. Das Gupta, B.K Panda and A.K. Bhattacharya ...69

Effect of Indomothacin on Fertility in Male Rats : S.R. Chowdhury and B, Malaviya ...73

Clonidine and Hypothermia : S.S. Rao and A.Q. Saifi ...77

Monoamine Oxidase Concentration in Median Eminence. Pituitary and Uterus of Rat after Estrogen and Centchroman Treatment : Kartar Srivastava and Pranab K Dasgupta ...80

Letter to Editor

Vector Disc : M.M. Singh ...83

Mean Expiratory Flow Volume Curve : H.D. Singh and G. Krishnamurthi ...85

Drinking Water as a Source of Dietary Caicium : R.K. Marya ...89

Frusemide Suppressing Audiogenic Seizure : Sudhir Kumar Tongia ...91

Book Review