Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 25 - Number 2 March - 1981

Original Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor
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Original Articles

Drug Development in India : Bajaj J S ...95

Transterab ility of Electro-Convulsive Shock Induced - Short Term Memory Impairment by Brain Homogenates in Rats : Ullal Gautam R.and Lava S M ...105

Impairment of Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) in Rat by Immobilization Stress: Role of Serotonin (5┬ĚHT) : Sharma H S and Dey P K ....111

Effects of Magnesium on lsolatod Rabbit Atria : Hammad D, Omar S A and Varma S ...123

Applied Aspects of Theoretical Analysis of Pulmonary Gas Exchange : Khetarpal Kamla , Singh M P and Sharan Mathili ...131

A Study of Pancreatic Enzymes by Duodenal lntubation in Normal Subjects after Prostigmine Administration : Patney N L, Sharma S K, Singh S Pand Kumar Ashok ...144

Effect of Intramuscular Norethisterone Enanthate on Compensatory Ovarian Hypertrophy in the Rat : Srivastava Umesh K ...151

Long-Term Requlation of Male Fertility by Norethistarone Enanthate ('Epidldymal'lmplants : Effect on Libido and Fertility of Rabbits : Srivastava Umesh K ...158

Amino Acids: Modifiers of Xanthine Oxidase Activity Part II : Interaction of L-Lysine and L-Glutamic Acid : Kela and Vijayvargia R ...163

Erfect of Intra Amniotic Saline and Prostaglandin on Fibrinolytic Activity. Prothrombin Time and Serum Electrolvtes - A Comparative Study : Joshi V D, Gokhale L V and Debholkar N A...167

Organization of Clinical Pharmac:logy Unit at the Insutute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar : Nagpal A Kand Chaudhury R R ....171

Short Communication

Skeletal Neuromuscular and Smooth Muscle Effects of Whole Venom of the Grean Mamba, Dendroespis Angusticeps : Wangal J, Theiru K and Talang B V ....176

Effect of Dexamethasone on Bactericidal Activity of Human Neutrophrls In Vitro : Sareen P M, Lodha S K, V B Kalra, Utreja S R and Vija R K ...180

Letter to Editor

Stress as a Diabetogenic Factor : Bijlani R L and Manchanda S K...184

Effect of Clonidine on Acetylcholine Content of Rat Brain : Phadke S, Gupta R K and Agrawal S L ...189

Vasopressor Response to Isoprenaline : Tongia S K, Vijayvargiya R and Pande S ...191