Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 26 - Number 1 Jan - 1982

Orignial Articles
Letter to Editor
Book Review


Prof. J. H. Burn ...1

Original Articles

Anterior Cerebellum as a Site for Morphine Analgesia and Post-stimulation Analgesia : Dey P. K.and Ray A. K. ...3

Motor and Sensory Conduction in Peripheral Nerves of Unanaesthetized Streptozotocin Diabetic and Normal Rats during Ischemia : David J, Wagle G P and Grewal R S ...13

Histological and Histometrical Studies of Testicular Hypertrophy following Hemicastration of Albino Rats : Osuide G, M. Abtd Ali and Wambebe C ...23

Lung Transfer Factor (TI) in a Group of Young Healthy Subjects : Tondon O P, Singh Savita, Gupta P and Sharma K N ...33

Tissue Lipid Profiles in Orchiectomized Albino Rats : Reddy G. Vemananda, Reddanna P and Govindappe S ...40

Gompertz Curve in Physiology : An Application : Verma S S, Gupta R K, Nayyar H S and Rai R M ...47

Immunologic Response of Guineapigs (Cavia Porcellus) by Treatment with Antithymocyte Serum, γ-Irradiation of Gastrcintestinal. Tract, Lymphoid Tissue and Bone Marrow : Gupta Anjana and Khanna Hari Dev ...54

Effect of Voluntary Retention of Urine on Plasma and Urinary Biogenic Amines as well as Circulatory and Respiratory Responses : Shukla Madhu, Tripathi S N and Dey P K ...61

Effect of Exhaustive Ergometric Exercise on Blood Coagulation Platelet Adhesiveness and Fibrinolytic Activity in Untrained Young Men and Women : Gaur S, Datta S, Bhargava R P and Rao S V....65

Effect of Centrally Administered Argiotensin on Urine Output in Dogs : Singh K N, Saxena V C, Mishra Vand Smgh M ...69

Seasonal Variations in Urinary Calcium and Sodium Excretion : Marya R K, Sood S, Sood A K and Maini B K ...73

Effect of Ventral Nerve Cord Transection on Metabolic Parameters in the Nervous System of the Cockroach Periplaneta American L : Subhasnini K, Yellamma K, Mohan P. Murali and K. Babu Sasira ...77

Serum and Tissue Sodium/Potassium changes in Estrogen Treated Female Albino Rats
: Hasan W, Bilgrami N L, Asthana A S, Siddiqui M A and Prasad J N ....81

Electrocardiographic changes in Experimental Drowning : Bhardwaj P K, Mohan Madan and Rai U C ...85

Letter to Editor

Assessment of Ascorbic Acid Status as Revealed by Lingual Test : Shashindran C H, Adhithan C, Gandhi I S and Ghosh M N ....91

Modification of Adrenaline Mydriasis by Agents Acting on Sulphvdryl Groups : Tongia Sudhir Kumar, Pandya Kalpana and Vjayvargiya R...94

Paracetamol Augments the Sotalol Induced Bradycardia in Man : Sudhir Kumer Tangia ....97

H1 Blocker Blocks Ganglion Blocker : Tongia Sudhtr Kumar,Vijayvargiya R and Pande Shanta ...99

The Relationship between Rectal and Axillary Temperature in Children : Dharamrajan A M, Perera K M H and Thangarajah S A ...101

Book Review