Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 27 - Number 1 Jan - 1983


Original Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Measurement of Osmotic Resistance of Normal and Pathological Human Red Blood Cells : R.K. Saxena. and V,Seshadri ...1

Effect of Bilateral Vasectomy on Testicular MetabOlism in Albino Rats : N. Geethanjali. K. Venkatarami Reddy. G. Vemanando Reddy and S. Govindappa ...7

Synaptic Transmission in the 7th Abdominal Ganglion of the Scorpion. Heterometrus Fulvipes (C. Koch) : K. Yellamma. K. Subhashini. P. Murali Mohan and K. Sasira Babu ....13

Effect of Drugs Influencing Central 5- Hydroxytryptamine Mechanisms on Amantadine-induced Stereotyped Behaviour in the Rat : B. S. Dhavare. N. V. Nandal. J. J. Balsara and A. G. Chandorkar ...19

Effects of Dynamic and Static Body Weighl loss on Taste Response : B. S. Rao ...25

Steroid Depressed Wound Healing and Tridax Procumbents : P. V. Diwan. L. D. Tilloo and D. R Kulkarni ...32

Effect of Isoprenaline and Cigarette Smoking on Airways : K. K. Mahajan. V. Reghunandan. B. K. Maini and S. K. Mahajan ...37

Phenotypical Expression of Finger Print Patterns - A Hypothesis : L. Paramasivam and K. C. Barthwal ...42

Prediction of SOme Ventilatory 'Norms' in Healthy Indian Males 21-69 Years Age : S. S. Verma, Nand Kishore. C. V. Raman. S. C. Lakhera and S. K. Dass ...45

Effect Of sOme β-Adrenoceptor Blockers and of (+) PrOpranOlol on Andrenaline-induced Pulmonary Edema in Mice : C. Jayachandran and N. Prakash ...50

Branched Chain Aminaoacid Aminotransferase Activity in the Denervation Atrophy of Amphibian Skeletal Muscle : P. Ramadevi and K. S. Swami ...53

Gonadotrophin-induced Ovulation in Mellengestrol Acetate Trealed Female Goat : P. C. Sanwal. J. K. Pande. V. P. Varshney and I. V. Mogha ...57

Short Communication

Fitting Curves to Physiological Data : S. S. Verma. R. K. Gupta and R. M. Rai ...61

Letter to Editor

Can Carbofuran be of Use in Chemical Control of Hook Worm? : K. C. Singhal and Pankaj Rai ...65

Glibenclamide Hypoglycaemia : Effect of β-Adrenoceptor Antagonists : H. Mishra. B. Gupta, K. K. Saxena. V. Kulshreshtha and D. N. Prasad ...68

Tolbutamide and Indomethacin Interaction : Prakash V. Diwan and Dhruvaraj R. Kulkarni ...72