Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 27 - Number 3 July- 1983


Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor

Orignial Articles

The Effects of Sodium Orthovanadate , Noradrenaline and Angiotensin II on Isolated Perfused Rat Kidney Glomerular-Tuft Diameter : C. N. Corder, H. Pathak , A. Kumar and A. Wells ...193

Indian, Ethereal and other forms of S Eliminated in 24 Hours Urine by Elderly Indian Subjects, : S. V. Joshi and J. D. Pathak ...200

Influence of Thyroid Hormone on the Phospholipid Composition of Lung Tissue and Surfactant of Rats : Ratan Kumer and K. S. Hegde... 203

Significance of Spatial and Temporal Dysfunction Exhibited by Enhanced Running Activity in Hippocarnpaltv-Iesioned Rats, : R. A. Dhume and M. G. Gogate...209

Bioavailability of Sulfathiazole from Flocculated and Deflocculated Suspensions and its Implications : D. Ramahau, V. R. Gudsoorkar and Y. Madhusudan Rao ...217

A Biphasic Compartmentation of Neuro-transmisslon Associated Metabolic Patterns during Electroinduced Axoplasmic Transport in Sheep Medulla Oblongata : P. V. S. L. Narasimham, V. Mohanachari, K. S. Swami and K. Indira ...221

In Vitro Effect of Certain Compounds on the Lysosomol Release of Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes : S. N. Chari, N. Nath and A. B. Rathi, ...227

Short Communication

Effect of Sexual Cycle on Red Cell Membrane Permeability as Revealed by Influx of Rubidium-86 and Adenosinetriphosphatase in Female Rats : S. R. Sarkar, L. R. Singh, R. Banerji and B. N. Chaudhuri, ...234

Effect of Selenium Dioxide on the Testes of Rat : Amal Roy Chowdbury and H. Venkatakrishna-Bhatt ....237

Effect of a:-Methyl-P-Tyrosine on Neuroleptic Induced Catalepsy in Rats : V. P. Gada, N. V. Nandal, J. J. Balsara and A. G. Chandorkar, ...241

Letter to Editor

Effect of Acute and Chronic Treatment with Cimetidine and Ranitidine on Depressant Effect of Diazepam : G. F. Shah, P. R. Patel, T. P. Gandhi and M. R, Patel ...245

Fenfturarnlne-Induced Head Twitch Response in Mice and its Modification by Certain Drugs Influencing the Central 5- Hydroxytryprarnine Function : V. V. Joshi, V. P. Gada, J. J. Balsara and A. G. Chandorkar ...249

Effect of an Oral Contraceptive on Serum Phosphohexose Isomerase Activity : Usha Gupte, K. P. Khuteta and R. C. Gupta ...253

Side Effects of a Traditional Indigenous Drug Kutaja (Holarrhena Antidysenterica) : G. N. Chaturvedi and K. P. Singh ...255

Hypoglycaemic Activity of an Indigenous Drug (Gymnema Sylvestre 'Gurmar') in Normal and Diabetic Persons : A. K. Khare, R. N. Tondon and J. P. Tewari ...257

Effect of Allium Cepa (Onion) on Immune Response in Rabbit : D. S. Vyas, R. P. Acharya, A. P. Dadhich, J. L. Godhwani and V. S. Purohit ...259

Effects of Scorpion Venom on Monoamine Oxidase Activity in the Cockroach Tissues : K. Subhashini, M. Premeele, P. Murali Mohan and K. $asira Babu ...261




Regional Confarence - APPI (Bangalore Branch) 1983 ...265