Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 27 - Number 4 Oct - 1983


Original Articles
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

A Possible Mechanism of D:noxification of Copper in the Fresh Water Mullusc. Lymnaea Luteola : N. Mal Reddy and P. Venkateswara Rao ...283

Effect of In Vivo Elqctrical Stimulation on the Carbohydrate Metabolism of Control and Denervation Atrophied
Muscle of Dog. Canis Domestlcus
: E. David. V. Javasree. O. Ramakrishna. S. Govindappa and P. Reddanna ...289

Effect of Adrenalectomy and Administration of Prednis:.llone on Gastric Ulcer Formation in Forestomachec- tomized Shay Albino Rats : R. Nazeer Ahamed. U. G. Mummigatti and C. S. Samuel ...298

Role cf Opioidergic Component in the Anrtihypertens:ve Effect of Clonidine : P. A. Chauhan. K. G. Hemavathi and O. D. Gulati ...305

Influence of B-Adrenoceptor Antagonists on Spontaneous Rate and on Force of Contraction of Isolated Rabbit Atria : Kushal Pal Singh ...311

Effect of Estradioi Dipropionate on Uterine and Vaginal Glycogen Content of Parkes (P) Mice : G. Triparhi ...317

Effect of Medroxy Progesterone Acetate on Hepatic Lipid Profile of Female Rats under various States of Nutriticn : Viney Malik. S. Majumdar. Raj Singh. Ranjna Vohra and J. P. Nagpaul ...323

Anti-Inflammatory Derivatives of Indian-l-Acetic Acid with Low G3stric Irritancy : A. Roy. J. K. Gupta and S. C. Lahiri ...329

Creatine of Tenotomised Muscle under Influence of Prednisolone Treatment : Salil Kumar Mandal and Amaresh Ghose Dastidar ...334

Influence of Age on Motor Nerve Conducton : S. K. Ganeriwal. B. V. Reddy. A. D. Surdi. A. N. Kowale and P. B. Zawar ...337

Anti-Spasmogenic Effect or Cyproheptadine: on Giunea-Pig ileum : Vijaylakshmi Reylon and H. H. Siddiqui ...342

A Closed Circuit Appar,ltus for Measurement of Oxygen Consumption in Small Animals : D. V. Muralidhara and P. S. Shetty ...345

Letter to Editor

Factors Modifying Spontaneous Motor Activity of the Mouse : Harnam Singh. Saudamini Bambah and Gursarwan Smgh ...350

Negative lonotropic Effect of Sodium Vaproate on some Isolated Heart Preparations : G. F. Shah. J. D. Raval. T. P. Gandhi and M. R. Patel ...353

Effects of Technical and Commercial Grade Malathion on Nitrogen Metabolism of the Teleost. Tilapia Mossambica (Peters) : D. Sailatha. I. Kabeer Ahammad Sahib. K. R. S. Sambasiva Rao K. Siva Prasada Rao and K. V. Ramana Rao ...355