Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 28 - Number 2 April - 1984

Original Articles
Letter to Editor

Original Articles

Experimenntal Study on Rats to find the Usefulness of Nutritional Supplemetatio to Undernourished Offspring of Parents Undernourished Life-Long : B. Rajanna. Carol Mescarenhas and T. Dasiraju ...83

Change in Ascorhic Acid Content and Acetylcholinesterase Activity in the Muscle of Frog fnllowing Sciatectomy : T. Somasekhar and R.V Krishnamoorthy ...97

The Effets of Acute Oesophageal Distension on Arterial Blood Pressure. E.C.G. and Respiration in Dog : Naba K. Satpathy and Nadal A. AI-Sattar ...105

Role of Ovarian Hormones in Hoarding Pattern : A. S. Borker and M. G. Gogate ...115

Effect of Bilateral Caudatal Lesion on Pain Thoreshold in Rats : V. K. Mulgaonker and M. G. Gagate ...121

Serum CPK Levels in Schizophrenics and their First Degree Relatives : Ajai Kumar. G. L. Upadliayaya and J. K. Trivedi ...128

Transamination and Glutamate Deamination in Rana Hexadactyla during Induced Ammonia Toxicity : P. Neeraja and K. S. Swami ...133

Status of Platelat Functions in Volunteers of various Blood Groups: Effect of Aspirin : Sf:aran Sudhir. L. C. Gupta, J. Smgh and K. N. Garg ...137

Tissue Sesitivity to Acetylcholine. Adrenaline. Noradrenaline and Serotonin and .Agents Acting on Sulphydryl Groups : S. K. Tongia and K. Pandya ...141

Pre alence or Hypocalcaemia and Hypophosprataemia in the Elderly Males in Haryana : R. K. Marya and J. S. Bhargava ...145

Oral Epitheral AIkallne Phosphatase in varicus Phases of Menstruel Cycle : B. U. Tiwari. S. K. Ganeriwal and V. R. Athawale ...149

A Study of Pituitary-Thyroid Function during Exncise in man : R. C. Sawhney, A. S. Malhotra. R. B. Gupta and R. M. Rai ...153

Prevalence of Blood Groups In Tribals of South Sudan : Shard A. Ahmed. Muawakil G.Ahmed and R. K. Sanyal ...159

Serum Aldolase and Hexckinase Activities in Bresst Carcinoma : Yeshowardhana and V. Singh ...161

Letter to Editor

Effect of Bilateral Vasectomy an the Tissue Lipid Profiles in Albino Rats : K.Venkatarami Reddv, Y. D. Reddy. R. M. Reddy and S. Govindappa ...164

Electro-Cardiographlc and Serur Electrolytes changes durirng Menstrual Cycle : S. Datta.. S. Gaur And R. P. Bhargava ...167

An Analysis of Medicines of Undisclosed Composition fer Asthama or Rheumatoid Arthritis : Nandita Basu, R. C. Sharma and S. K. Gupta ...170

Role of Adrenergic and Histaminergic Systems in Clonidine-induced Inhibition of the Pinnal Reflex in Mice : P. P. Singh. A. Y. Junnakar. M. U. R. Naidu. R. K. Varma, R. M. Tripathi And D. R. Shridhar ...173