Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 29 - Number 1 Jan - 1985

Orignial Articles
Letter to Editor

Orignial Articles

Atieoosine Tripilospratase Systems in Genital Tract of Testosterone Treated Male Adult Monkeys : G. VanithaKumari and P. Govindarajulu ...1

Efiect of Hippocampal Lesion on Acquisition of Conditioned Avoirlance Behviour in alhino Rats : R.Suguna Radhabal. L.P.Reddy. Anursdha Sathismuethy and U.C. Rai ...7

Pulmonary Function Tests in School Children : C.D.Aundhakar. G.J. Kesliwal. V.S. Yajurvedi. M.S. Rewat. S.K.Ganeriwal and Sangam ...14

Effect of Foeniculam Vulgare Mill Seed Extract on the Ganital Oragans of Male and Female Rats : T. Malini. G. Vamlhakumarl. N. Megala. S. Anusya, K. Devi and V. Eango ...21

The Influence of Lactation on L-Proline Absorption from Small Intestine in the Albino Rat : Utpal Dutta and R. K. Sharma ...27

Clinical Significance of Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase, Phosphohexose Isomerase. Aldolase and Hexokinase in Prostatic Carcinoma : Yeshowardahna ...33

Modulation of 5-Hydroxytryptamine-evoked Responses of the Isolated Rat Uterus by Imidazolea Phosphodiesterase Stimulator : Manjeet Singh and P. L. Sharma ...39

Effect of Quercetin and Ablizzia Saponios on Rat Mast Cell : R. K. Johri, U. Zutshi, L. Kemeswaran and C. K. Atal ...43

Antiatherosclerotic Effect of Alfalfa Meal Ingestion in Chicks : A Biochemical Evaiuationb : V. P. Dixit and S. C. Joshi ...47

Significance of Serum Phosphohexose Isomerase. Hexokinase and Aldolase in Carcinoma Ovary : Yeshowardhana and V. S. Singh ..51

Letter to Editor

Effect of L-GJutemine on Immune Response In Rabbit - A Preliminary' Report : P. Jain. A. P. Dadhlch. N. K. Khanna and N. S. Sisodia ...55

Cardiac Stimulation of Brucine in Cockroach Periplaneta americana. L : P. Srinivas. G. D. Rama RflO. G. V. Rao and A. Purshotham Rao ...57

A Simple Technique to Stop Hiccups : R. P. Bhargava. S. Datta and R. Badgaya ...59

Plasma Renin Activity and Electrolyte Balance in Two-Kidney. One-Clip Hyrertensive Rats : Kshama Kumari and S. R. Maitra ...62

Seasonal Variation in Taste Threshold for Salt in Human Subjects : R. K Marya, S. Sood and B. K, Maini ...65