Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 30 - Number 1 Jan - 1986

Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letters to the Editor

Orignial Articles

Beta-adrenoceptor Blockade and Cardiovascular Response to the Cold Pressor Test : M B Dikshit and J M Patrick ...1

Effects of Mesencephalic Lesion on the Histomorphology of Testis and Spermatogenesis : M Abid Ali ...11

Relationship of Examination Stress to Serum Lipid Profile : R L Bijlani, S Sud, B M Gandhi and B N Tandon ...22

Thermoregulatroy Response in Rats follwoing Administration of Histamine in different CSF Compartments : Nitis Mukhopadhyay and P K Dey ...31

Alcoholism : Newer Methods of Mangaement : Sarada Subrahmanyam, M Satyanarayana and K R Rajeswari ...43

Investigation of some Effects of Levamisole on Dog Blood Pressure : K K Shah, O D Gulati and K G Hemvathi ...55

Cardiac Activity Disease by Experimental Interference in Brain Processes : K M Khanashvili ...63

Modification by Tricyclic Antidepressants of Cortical EEG changes Induced by Clonidine in Concious Rats : Millind P Prale, Usha Nayar and S K Kulkarni ...71

A Study of Lung Function Abnormalities in Workers of Cotton Spinning Shops : S H Singh, H L Gupta, A Gandhi and U C Rai ...79

Antagonism of Bromocriptine-induced Cage Climbing Behaviour in Mice by the Selective D-2 Dopamine Receptor Antagonists, Metoclopramide and Molindone : J J Balsara, N V Nandal, V P Gada, T R Bapat and A G Chandorkar ...85

Short Communication

Diuretic Effect of Aerua Lanata with Water, Normal Saline and Coriander as Controls : M Uduphile and M T M Jiffry ...91

Letters to the Editor

Immediate Metabolic Effects following Oral Ingestion Humans - A Preliminary Report : Veena Mehta and S Bhatia ...98

A Study of Abnormal CSF Total Protains and Immunoglobulins Levels in Patients of Depression : Ajai Kumar, S C Tewari, N Lal, J K Trivedi and L M Bahuguna ...103

Studies on the Effect of Ascorbic Acid, Zinc Sulphate and their Combination on Carageenan-induced Oedema in Rats : Anil K Singla, Alka Nagrath, J Kunchandy and S K Kulkarni ....107

Evidence Against Conversion of Histamine H1 to H2 Receptors in the Guineapid illeum at Low Temperatures : T P Gandhim M R Patel, J D Raval and G F Shah ...111

Serum Concentration of Isoniazid following Adminstration of the Drug Alone and in Combination with Rifampicin in Patients of Pulmonary Tuberculosis : K C Singhal, Rakesh Rathi, Kamal kishore, S C Varshney and D P Varshney ....115

Assessment of Oestrogenicity of Neem Leaf Extract in Rats : M Mateenuddin, K R Khairatkar, K N Mendhulkar and N L Sadre ...118