Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 30 - Number 2 April - 1986

Orignial Articles
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Orignial Articles

Effect of Yoga on Exercise Tolerance in Normal Healthy Volunteers : P. S. Raju, K. Anil Kumar, S. S. Reddy, S. Madhavi, K. Gnenekumeti, C. Bhaskaracharyulu,M. V. Reddy, N. Annapurna, M. E. Reddy, D. Girijakumari, B. K. Sahay and K. J. R. Murthy ...121

Role of H-Reflex Latency Studies in the Diagnosis of Subclinical Diabetic Neuropathy : R. K. Marya, A. P. Chandran, B. K. Maini and (Late) R. R. Gupta...133

Hypnotizability and Performance at Examination - A Correlative Study : B. M. Palan and S. Chandwani ...139

The Effect of Acute and Chronic Treatment of Verapamil on Pressor Response to Angiotensin II in Rats : S. B. Lall, K. Khetetpel, S. Rejdev and Y. K. Gupta ...145

Some Pharmacological Actions of the Essential Oil of Blumea Membranacea : S. C. Mehta, H. Vardhan and S. P. Sexana ...149

Effect of ACTH on Glucose Uptake by Hepatic Cells and its Effect on Hepatic Enzymes in Presence of Insulin and Acetylcholine : B. Pilo and S. P. Mehan ...155

Effect of Intra-Uterine Administration of Dimethylsulfoxide on Fertility of Rats : M. M. Misro, P. K. Warikoo, R. P. Das and Somnath Roy ...161

Effect of CA++ Channel Blockers and Saralasin on Angiotensin II induced Contraction in Rabbit Aortic Strip : K, Kheterpel, S. B. Lall, S. Rajdev and Y. K. Gupta ...166

Serum Phenytoin Levels with Different Brands : Kamal Kishore, B; L. Jailakhani, N. N. Sharma and G. K. Ahuja ...171

Diagnostic and Prognostic Significance of Serum Phosphohexose Isomerase, Aldolase and Hexominase in Carcinoma Cervix : Yeshowardhana and Sangita ...177

Combined Effect of Cyclophosphamide and Extracts of Crotalaria and Senecio Plants on Experimental Tumours : M. A. Indap and S. V. Gokhale ...182

Peripheral Action of Angiotensin II : P. K. Jain, N. Shukla and S. D. Nishith ...187

Influence of Reserpine and Guanethidine on the Responses of the Isolated Rat ileum to Catecholamines : M. R. Khalighi, M. A. Haque, K. Zivei, F. Firozian and H. Parsaie ...191

Role of Prostaglandins in Hypotensi on following Pressor Response to Intravenous Infusion of Noradrenaline in Dogs : D. Govinda Das and P. S. R. K. Haranath ...195

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