Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 30 - Number 4 Oct - 1986

Orignial Articles
Letter to Editor

Orignial Articles

Lactate Dehydrogenase lsoenzyme Ptterns in Human Foetal Tissues during Development : M.N. Subhash, S.K Shankar and B.S. Sridhara Rao ...271

Effect of Centrally Administered Glucagon on Blood Lipids in Anesthetised Dogs : D.C. Agarwala, R. Mishra , G.Jaiswal and V. Bapat ... 280

Inhibitory Action of Aminoglycoside Antibiotics on the Electrically Induced Release of Opoid Peptides in the Guinea-pig ileum in Vitro : M. Mahmoudian. A.R. Dehpour and M.Emami ...289

Histamine and Mast cell Study in the Gastric Tissue of South Indian Patients suffering form Duodenal Ulcer with Pyloric Stenosis : U.C. Rai. R. Muthukumaraswamy. B.N.S. Bhatnagar. Madan Mohan and K.Deswal ...295

Involvement of Histamine receptors in Mediation of Histamine Indu Thermoregulatory Response in Rats : P. K. Dey and Nitis Mukhopadhaya ....300

The Role of Adrergic Mechanism in Tremorine-induced Tremors in Rats : Antiremor Effect of β-Adranoceptor Antagonists : Vanaja Paul ....307

A Simplified Method for the Determination of lood Lactic Acid Levels in Occupational Health Practice : A. K. Ganguli, R. Hemalatha and B. Narayanan ....313

Acute Effect of Streptozottocin Induced Diabets on bar Pressing for Food Reward in Albino Rats : R. Kaleeswari, D. P. Thombre and A. S. Chakrabarty ...319

Dual Action of Zinc on ileal Smooth Muscle - Zinc-Calcium Interaction : S. S. Hede, R. S. Diniz, N. V. Agshikar and V. G. Dhume ....322

FEF200-1200, FEF25-75%, and FEF75-85%, in Non-Smokers of Either Sex and in Male Smokers Residing at an Altitude of 2150 M Above MSL in Himachal Pradesh : M. M. Sharma and P. K. Nanda ....329

Effect of Yoga Type Breathing on Heart Rate and Cardiac Axis of Normal Subjects : Madan Mohan, C. Seravanane, S. G. Surange, D. P. Thombre and A. S. Chakrabarty ....334

Skeletal Muscle Protein Metabolism under Denervation Atrophy in Dog, Cenis Domesticus : S. Jabee Begum, M Munirathnam Reddy, O. Ramakrishna, K. Indira and K. S. Swami ....341

Letter to Editor

Effect of some Drugs on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate of Anaesthtized Dogs during Experimentally-induced Acidosis and Alkalosis : S. V. Dange, A. P. Saraf and D. S. Shrotri ...347

A Method to Evaluate Aspirin Analgesia in Man : S. Rao and A. Z. Saifi ...351