Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 31 - Number 2 April - 1987

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Original Articles

Hypoqlvcaernrc and Hypolipaemic Effects of Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (G uar) in Normal and Diabetic Guinea Pigs : A. Srivastava, G. S. Longia, S, P. Singh and L. D. Joshi ...77

Role of Mid-dorsal Caudate Nucleus in Maintenance of Body Weight in Rats on Administration of Foods with different Caloric Densities : S. D. Sahakari, V. K. Mu/gaonker and M. G. Gogate ....84

Study of Photic Versus Non-photic Cues as Entrainers of Circadian Running Activity in Rats : M. D. Nagvekar, R. A. Dhume and M. G. Gogate ...91

Gustatory Effects of Intestinal Motility of Dogs : B.S.Rao ...99

Apparatus for the Measurement of Reaction Time : A. Malathi and Vidya Parulkar ...104

Relative Bioactivity of Histamine and Slow Reacting Substance of Anaphylaxis Released during Anaphylactic Reaction from different Tissues of Guineapigs and Rats : S. R. Shahani and H. L. Dhar ...107

Protective Effect of ST-93 against Ouabain-induced Arrhythmias in Guinea Pigs : R. M. Tripetbi. R. Kaushal and A. Veeranjaneyulu ...111

Effect of Lead on Erythropoietic System of Intact and Splenectomized Rats : . K. Gautam and A. Roy Chowdhury ...117

Action of some Amides of Substituted Ethylenediamines on Central Nervous System : O. P. Sethi, A. M. lsrnell, G. C. Bhavsar, B. M. rrivedi and O. D. Gulati ...125

Short Communication

Effect of Anaemia on Respiratory and Metabolic Parameters during Thrid Trimester of Pregnancy : Usha Singhal and Kusum Saxena ...130

Letter to Editor

Microanalysis of Respiratory Air Samples, A Simple Device for Undergraduate Demonstration : Frida S. Monteiro and M. G. Gogate ...136

Antieonvulsant and Analgesic Activity of 1,2,4- Thiadiazoles - A Preliminary Report : S. N. Pandeya and A. Singh ...139

Bioavailability of Ampicillin (Anhydrous) and Ampicillin Trihydrate : C. Adithan. R. N. Chattopadhyay, C. H. Shashindran, I. S. Gandhi, M. K. Natrajan and N.S. Parmar ...143

Vitro Uptake and Release of Noradrenaline in Chicken Liver Slices : A. K. Agarwal, S Rishi and B.O. Garg ...146