Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 32 - Number 3 July - 1988

Orignial Articles
Short Communication
Letter to Editor

Orignial Articles

Single Neuronal Activities from CA3 Region of Hippocampus during Conditioning, in Mobile Unanaesthetised Conscious Rabbits : Subhra Datta ..169

Effect of Flickering Light Stress cn Certain Biochemical Parameters in Rats : R. Lalitha, N. Suthanthirarajan and A. Namasivayam ...182

In Vitro Neutralization of the Scorpion, Buthus Tamulus Venom Toxicity : Y. Venkateswarlu, B. Janakiram and G. Rajarami Reddy ...187

Effect of Selected Metal Ions on the Motility and Carbohydrate Metabolism of Ejaculated Human Spermatozoa : U. Kanwar, S. Chadha, A. Batla, S. N. Sanyal and R. Sandhu ..195

Effect of Short Term Yoga Practice on Ventilatory Function Tests : K. Makwana, N. Khirwadkar and H. C. Gupta ...202

Short Communication

Effect of Cellulose and Ispaghula Husk on Fasting Blood Glucose of Developing Rats : S. C. Mahapatra, R. L. Bijlani and Usha Nayar ...209

Late Inthmmatory Swelling by Carrageenan in Rats Subcutaneous Neck Tissue ; T. S. Roo, M. Mathur and N. K. Bhide ...212

Autoinhibition and Desensitization of Serotonergic Responses in Guinea Pig Ileum : Nandi Chznmayee, Dinesh P. Joshi, Anita A. Mehta and Ramesh K. Goyal ...215

Letter to Editor

The Sex- Related Difference in the Convulsant Action of Picrotoxin in Rats : Valloja Paul and M. S. Krishnamoorthy ...221

Topical Effect of Heparin and a Corticosteroid in Prevention of Infusion Thrombophlebitis : M. Subrahmanyam ...223

The Effect of Rifampicin on Piroxicam Kinetics : R. B. Patel, G. F. Shah and Sunita M. Jain ...226

Effect of Nagarmotha (Cyperus Rotundus Linn) on Reserpine-Induced Emesis in Pigeons ; S. Shinde, S. Phadke and A. W. Bhagwat ...229