Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 33 - 1 Number Jan - 1989

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Original Articles

Four-Arm Radial Open Maze (Farom) as a Tool for Assessing the Effect of Atropine in Spatial Memory of the Rats : Ramesh A. Dhime, Meera D. Nagwekar, Annie Noronha, Majula R, Varde and Jolly F. Mascarenhas ...3

Pharmacokinetics of Norethisterone from two different Combination Contraceptive Pills in Indian Women : B. Shivakumar, K.V.S. prasad, P. Ravinder, B. A. Ramlaakshmi and B. S. Narasinga Rao ...10

Biogenic Amine Stutus in Acute Fulminant Hepatocellular Failure in Children : M. S. Krishnamoorthy, N. Soundaravalli, S. Soundar and S. Karthikeyan ...15

Fatigue and Contractile Responses of Rat Hindlimb Muscle following Exscessive Dexamethasone Administration : M. B. Mandal, S. B. Deshpande and I. D. Saxena ...21

Immunopharmacological Studies on Picrorhiza Kurroa Royal-Ex-Benth part IV : Cellular Mechanisms of Anti-inlammatory Action : Bajarangprasad L. Pande and Prasun K. Das ...28

Estradiol Induced Vaginal Cornification in Spayed Rats : A Model to Study Hepatic Microsomal Enzyme Induction : Tara V. Shanbhag, K. L. bairy and D. R. Kulkarni ...31

Studies on Monoamine Levels in Rat Myocardium in different Stresses : N. Suthanthirajan and A. Namasivayam ...35

Wound Healing Profile of Septilin : A. L. Udupa, S. gurumadhava Rao and D. R. Kulkarni ...39

A Neuropsychopharmacological Profile of "Cinkara", A Polyherbal Preparation : M. R. Sakina, E. A. Khan, M. E. Hamdard and P. C. Dandiya ...43

Immunopharmacological Studies on Picrorhiza Kurroa Royle Ex-benth Part VI : Effect of Anaphylactic Activation Events in Rat Peritoneal Mast Cells : Bajarangprasad L, Pandey, Prasum K. Das and Surendra S. Gambhir ...47

Effect of α-Tocopherol on the Microsomal Lipid Peroxidation indued by Doxorubicin : Influence of Asxorbic Acid : A. Geetha, J. Catherine and C. S. Shamala Devi ... 53

Dissociation fo Feeding and Hoarding after Bilateral Destruction on Lateral Septal Nuclei in Rats : M. G. Gogate, D. c. Salagar, S. V. Brid and K. C. Wingkar ... 59

Hepatic Drug Metabolizing capacity of Patients of Cirrhosis before and after Clinicobiochemical Recovery : C. K. Chauhan, S. a. Nanivedekar and F. R. Billimoria ...63

Short Communication

Certain Immuno-Haematological Effects of laser Irradiatation : K. Ranghavendra Rao and A. Namasivayam ... 67

Letter to Editor

Paracetamol Elimination in Patients with Tricuspid Regurgitation without Cardiac Failure : N. Pradeep Kumar, K. R. Sethuraman, s. Chandrasekar, K. Ray, C. H. Shashindran and C. Adithan ...70

Effect of Aspirin on Platelet Function in Females : Sanjeev Jha, Mahesh Chandra, arvind Kumar and Majari Sondhi ...72