Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 33 - 3 Number July - 1989

Short Communication
Letter to Editor


Rem Sleep Deprivation and Food Intake : J. L. Bhanot, G. S. Chhina, B. Singh, U. Sachdeoa and V. Mohan Kumar ...139

Modification of the Antihypertensive Effect of Indapamide by Indomethacin : J. S. Pasnani, O. D. Gulati and K. G. Hemauathi ...146

Brain Biogenic Amine Levels after Methanol Administration: Possible Mechanism of Action on Central Monoaminergic Neurons in Discrete Areas of Brain in Wistar Rat : P. S. .Jega/mathan and A. Namasioayam ...151

Pulmonary Functions of the Elderly Indian Subjects: Trends of Decline with Age : J. D. Pathak, P. P. Mehrotra, S. V. Joshi and A. H. Shah ...157

Effect of Glucose Electrolyte Ingestion on Physiological changes due to Severe Heat Stress : Padma Bandopadhyay, Pratul K. Banerjee, Mohan B. Dikshit and Mahadeuan E. Iyer ...163

The Study of Tasters and Non-Tasters of Phenyl Thio-Carbamide (PTC) and its Relation to Blood Groups : R. S. Bhatkar, S. C. Nalluluiar and V. A. Katti ...168

Effect of Cimetidine Combination with Cyclophosphamide in Transplanted Murine Tumors : D. D. Khandalekar , U. K. Ganu and S. V. Gokhale ...171

The Effect of ~·Adrenoceptor Antagonists Aline and in Combination with a Gaba-Elevating Agent on Isoniazid-Induced Convulsions in Rats : Vanaja Paul and M. S. Krishnamoorthy ...175

Investigation of Influence of Diazepam, Valproate, Cyproheptadine and Cortisol on the Rewarding Ventral Tegmental Self-Stimulation Behaviour : Sonti V. Ramana and T. Desiraju ...179

Effect of Immobilization Stress on Food Intake, Body Weight and Weights of various Organs in Rat : F. Monteiro, M. E. Abraham, S. D. Sahakari and J. F. Mascarenhas ...186

Short Communication

Effect of Inspiratory and Expiratory Air Flow on Congestion and Decongestion in the Nasal Cycle : S. Mitti Mohan and R. Eccles ...191

Determination of %FVC(FEV/FVC%) at Expiratory Flow Rate of I Lit/See and 0.5 Lit/See from Forced Expiratory Spirogram : B. V. Deshkar ...194

Letter to Editor

A Comparative Study of the Hypoglycemic action of the Seeds and Fresh Leaves of Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi) : Angshula Sarkar and M. C. Pant ...197

Effects of Nitroxazepine on Guinea-Pig Isolated Detrussor and Trigone Muscles : N. D. Balani, A. G. Shembekar and M. K. .Jagtap...199