Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 33 - 4 Number Oct - 1989

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Effect of Gaba, Muscimol and Picrotoxin given in Third Ventricle on Serum Cholinesterase! and Monoamine Oxidase and on Plasma Succinic Dehydrogenase in Rats : Anil K. Rattan and Harjit K. Mangat ...203

Effects of Central Administration of Insulin in Normal and VMH (Ventromedial Hypothalamus) Lesioned Rats on Food Intake : D. P. Thombre, S. Bharathi and N. Krishnamurthy ...207

Ventilatory and Diffusion Studies in Smoker and Non-Smoker Flour·Mill Workers : Raj Kapoor, K. K. Mahajan and R. K. Marya ...211

Antipyretic Activity of Diacetyl Para-Amino Phenol : Poonam Saoak, Jyoti Saxena, A. K. Dorle and J. K. Grover ...216

Methylmercury Induced Biochemical and Histochemical Alterations in Rat Testis : Amal Roy Chowdhury, Saoita Makhija and Kauresk D. Vachharajani ...219

Peak Expiratory Flow Rates in Libyan Adolescents : Masoud-Sherif R. Mukhtar, Gutti Madan Mohan Rao and Lutifia Omar Morghom ...223

A Study of Pulmonary Function of Competitive Swimmers : Asha V. Pheruiani, A. G. Desai and A. B. Solepure ...228

Altered Maternal Thyroid Function: Fetal and Neonatal Development of Rat : Ralan Kumar and B. N. Chaudhuri ...233

Leucocyte and Serum Ascorbic Acid Levels in Mothers and their Newborn in Semi-Arid Western India : N. D. Soni, Praueen Sharma, C. Kiron, J. Pramod and L. K. Kothari ...239

Short Communication

The Antimyoclonic Action of Clonazepam through a Gaba-Independent Mechanism : Vanaja Paul and M. S. Krishnamoorthy ...243

Visual Evoked Potential in Young Adults: A Normative Study : O. P. Tandon and K. N. Sharma ...247

Effects of Upper Respiratory Infections on the Forced Expiratory Volumes and Flow Rates : S. Walter ...253

Ingestive Behaviour of Starved Rats after Single Intraperitoneal Injection of Fresh Plasma from Well-Fed
: Shashikala D. Sahakari, Marjorie E. Abraham, Frida Monteiro, Manjula R. Varde and Jolly F. Mascarenhas ...255

Persistent Limb Pain and Raised Serum Alkaline Phosphatase the Earliest Markers of Subclinical Hypovitaminosis D in Kashmir : H. Masood, A. P. S. Narang, I. A. Bhat and G. N. Shah ...259

Review Article

The Pineal Gland: Its Physiological and Pharmacological Role : V. Srinivasan ...263

Letter to Editor

Changes in Brain Calcium Content and Ca++- ATPase Activity in Potassium Embelate Treated Rats : R. K. Johri, S. C. Sharma, N. A. Rizui and U. Zutshi ...273

Synthesis and Biological Activities of 2, 4-Diethyl-3, 5-Diaryl Imino-I , 2, 4·Thiadiazolidines III : S. N. Pandeya and Kamna Srivastava ...275

Effect of Isoniazid on Insulin Induced Hypoglycemia in Rabbits : S. K. Bharadwaj, I. P. Jain, M. L. B. Mishra, J. N. Puri, N. Kumar and M. K. Sharma ...277