Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 34 - Number 1 Jan - 1990

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Review Article

Lower-Body Suctionand CardiovasallarReflexes: Physiological and Applied ConsideI3lioos : M.B.Dikshil ..3

Original Articles

Skin and liverToxicity in BxperimmtaJ. Lantana Camara Poisoning in Albino Rats : M. H.A1cJIter,M. MalluuandN.K.BhUk ...13

Physical and BehaviOUIal DevelopmentinRats After Late Prenatal Exposure to Diazepam : Shaym B. Lal1 andRabiN. Sahoo ...17

Antifertility Activity of StrigaLutea - Part I : S.P. Hiremalh,S Hanumanlha Rao,P.K.Jain and K.Sembulingam ...23

Erythrocyteand Plasma Cholinesterase Activity in Normal Pregnancy ; B. V. Vankataraman ,G.Y.N.Iyer,R.Narayanan and Thangam Joseph ...26

A Study of Action ofNorepinephrineon Hypothalamic Feeding Centres : V. P. Varshney, A. S. Chakarabartyand K. Chakrabarty ...29

A Comparisonof Four AnalgesicsinPost-Episiotomy Pain : SushamaA. Bhounsule,PrasadR. Nevreur,Narayan V.Agshilau,ManindraN.PalandVishwanathG. D1uIme ...34

Influence of Qonidine, Methyldopa and Propranololon Acute Toxicity of Penitrothionin Mice : N. Vakcha,S.PrabhuandV.L.Mehla ...39

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials (BAFPs) in PregnamWomen : D.P. Tandon,R. Mishra and l. Tandon ...42

Effect ofInttacisternallyAdministered Adenosineand Inosine on ApoIllOIphine-lmd Amphetamine-induced Stereoptyped Behaviourin Rats : J. Singh ...45

Incidence of P.T.C. Taste Sensitivity and Threshold in Kashmiri PopuIalion ; Kauser Parveen, Mumlaz GoniandG. M. Shah ...48

Limb Dominanceand Motor Conduction Velocity of Median and Ulnar Nerves : Anuradha Sathiamoorthy and S. S. Sathiomoorthy ...51

Short Communications

A PreliminaIy Study of ReactionTimeinSchizophrenics : A.Malathi, Vaidya G. Parullau,H. S.Dhallaleand C.Pinlo ...54

CertainImmunological ParametersinSubacute Cold Stress : G.Sundaresan,N.Sulhanlhirarajan and A.Namasivayam ...57

Letter to Editor

A Report onthe FJlects ofOcimum Sanctum (Tulsi) Leaves and Seeds on Blood and Urinary Uric Acid, Urea and Urine Volumein Normal Albino Rabbits : Angshula Sarlau,D.N.PandeyandM.C. Panr ...61

Effectof Adenosine and InoIineAdminislIlllionon PIale1et Function in Rabbits : J. Singh, S. Sudhir, L. C. Gupta andK. N. Garg ... 63

Role ofNorepinephrine(NE) in Thermoregulatory Mechanisms in Nonnothennic and Constitutionally HypolhennicRats : Veena Mehta. A. S. Chakrabarty andV. P. Varshney ...65

AStudy of the FJleet of Isoniazid and Cimetidine on Dark Adaptation of Human Eye : V.H.BhallSlar,S.D.MistryandM. V. Vaccharajani ...67