Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 34 - Number 3 July - 1990

Book Review
Orignial Articles
Short Communications
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Book Review

Original Articles

The Bioavailability of Griseofulvin from Microsized and Ultramicrosized Tablets in Nonfasting Volunteers : M. Bijanzadeh, M. Mahmoudian, P. Salehian, T. Khazainia, L. Eshghi and A. Khosravy ...157

Comparative Assessment of Pedal Pressing Rates of Self-Stimulation of Hypothalamus and Midbrain with both Square Wave and Sine Wave Stimulus Parameters : D. Narayan Rao and T. Desiraju ...162

Nutrient Interaction in Relation to Glycaemic Response in Isocarbohydrate and Isocaloric Meals : Anupa Siddhu, Sudha Sud, R. L. Bijlani, M. G. Karmarkar and Usha Nayar ...171

Effects of Morphine, Buprenorphine, Pentazocine and Nalorphine on Acquisition and Extinction of Active Avoidance Responses in Rats : N. Saha, H. Datta and P. L. Sharma ...179

Protective Effect of Clonidine against the Cardiotoxic Effects of Ouabain in Cat : George P. Thomas and P. M. Stephen ... 183

Evidence for Melanin Concentrating Honnone (MCH) Receptors Mediating Melanosome Aggregation in Lobeo Melanophores : Ajai K. Jain and Shashi Patil ...187

P3 Event-Related Evoked Potential in Young Adults : Om P. Tandon ...191

Effects of Yohimbine on Dopamine Dependent Behaviours in Rats and Mice : M. M. Bende, T. R. Bapat, J. J. Balsara and A. G. Chandorkar ...195

Gustatory Differences in Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid Tasters and Non-Tasters : Sheela Bhatia, Sabya Saehi Sirear and B. K. Ghorai ...201

Comparison of the Effects of Captopril and Enalapril on Oxyphenbutazone and Ethanol-induced Gastric Lesions in Rats : Rosa S. Diniz D'Souza, Sushama A. Bhounsule and Vishwanath G. Dhume ...206

Diurnal Variations in Lung Transfer Factor and its Components : K. K. Mahajan, S. K. Mahajan and N. Mishra ...209

Short Communications

Limitation of Experimental Myocardial Infarct Size by Magnesium Sulfate Pre-treatment in Dogs ; A vtar Lal and Sita Sharma ...212

BHC Induced Testicular Impairments in Rats ; A. Roy Chowdhury and A. K. Gautam ...215

Letter to Editor

Differential Effect of Bupropion on Haloperidol and Morphine Catalepsy in the Rat : P. B. Kop, M. P. Muley and J. J. Balsara ...218