Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 36 - 1 Number Jan - 1992

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Review Article

Atrial Natriuretic Peptide : Pathophysiological Considerations : Animesh Sahai and Pallab K. Ganguly ...3

Original Article

EEG Spectral Power Reduction and Learning Disability in Rats Exposed to Lead through Postnatal Developing Age : M. V. Shailesh KWMr and T. Desiraju ...15

Nutrient Interaction in Relation to Glycaemic and Insulinaernic Response : Anupa Siddhu, Sudha Sud, R. L. Bijlani, M. G. Karmarkar and Usha Nayar ...21

Evidence for Nootropic Effect of BR-16A (Mentat@). A Herbal Psychotropic Preparation, in Mice : S. K. Kulkarni and Anita Verma ...29

Protective Effect of Propranolol on Ethanol-induced Gastric Lesions in Rats : Probable Mechanism of Action : Padmanabk V. Rataboli, Padma N. Bhandare, Rosa S. Diniz D'Souza and Vishwanath G. Dhume ...35

Effect of Adenosine and Inosine on Carbon Tetrachloride-induced liver Damage in Rats : J. Singh, K. N. Garg, M. S. Yadav and Harbans Lal ...39

Antiepileptic Drugs Delay the Onset of Seizures Induced by Aminophylline in Conscious Rats : Chanda Kulkarni, Thangam Joseph and Joy David ....43

Reversal of changes of Myocardial Lipids by Chronic Administration of Aspirin in Isoproterenol-induced Myocardial Damage in Rats : T. S. Manjula, A. Geetha, T. G. Ramesh and C. S. Shyamala Devi ...47

Pulmonary Function Studies in 15 to 18 years Age Workers Exposed to Dust in Industry : N. Mohan Rao, S. K. Kashyap, P. K. Kulkarni, H. N. Saiyed, A. K. Purohit and B. D. Palel ...51

Pulmonary Function Studies in Gujarati Subjects : N. Mohan Rao, M. G. Mavlankar, P. K. Kulkarni and S. K. Kashyap ...55

Pulmonary Function Status of Shopkeepers of Ahmedabad Exposed to Autoexhaust Pollutants : N. Mohan Rao, T. S. Patel, C. V. Raiyani, A. L. Aggarwal, P. K. Kulkarni, S. K. Chatterjee and S. K. Kashyap ...60

Some Aspects of Vascular Pharmacology of Frog (Rana Tigrina) : R. K. Singh and S. S. Gambhir ...65

Effect of Vesical Feedback on Rate of Urine Formation Demonstrated by Infusing Hypotonic and Hypertonic Saline into the Urinary Bladder of Dogs : Lily Walia, A. P. Sharma and G. K. Ahuja ...70

Letter to Editor

"T" Lymphocytes in Breast Tumors : S. Romani and A. V. Subhashini ...73