Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Volume 36 - 2 Number April- 1992

Orignial Articles
Short Communications
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Original Article

Methyl Parathion induced Regional Alterations in the Regulatory Proteins during Critical Stage of Central Nervous System Development in Albino Rat Pups : Nayeemunnisa and Shabana Begum ...77

Evaluation of Semen Quality in a Local Libyan Population : D. S. Shuriff and Mabroukca Legnain ...83

Effect of Sanlhi Kriya on certain Psychophysiological Parameters : A Preliminary Study : M. Satyanarayana, K. R. Rajeswari, N. Jhansi Rani, Ch. Sri Krishna and P. V. Krishna Rao ...88

Effect of Dothiepin on Nociceptive Response in Diabetic Rats : M. A. Naga Rani, Chittaranjan Andrade and Joy David ...93

Biochemical and Pathological changes in Response to Hyperoxia and Protection by Antioxidants in Rats : K. Husain, K. Sugendran, S. C. Pant, V. P. Sharma and R. Vijayaraghavan ...97

Septal Polydipsia in Rats in a Primary Polydipsia Not Mediated by Dopamine : G. K. Pal and D. P. Thombre ...101

Effect of Short Tenn 'Pranayarn' Practice on Breathing Rate and Ventilatory Functions of Lung : L. N. Joshi, V. D. Joshi and L. V. Gokhale ...105

Effect of Short Tenn Adminislration of Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum Linn.) on' Reproductive Behaviour of Adult Male Rats : N. M. Kantak and M. G. Gogate ...109

Phannacokinetics of Oxytelracycline in Presence of Calcium Gluconate in Goats : T. K. Mandal, S. Sarkar, A. K. Chakraborty and R. K. Ghose ...112

Blood Basoperna as an Indicatory of Ovulation : P. Rajan, G. Sundar Rao and S. Walter ...115

Peak Expiratory Row Rate in Adolescent Male Swimmers of All India Rural Swimming Meet : Arun Kumar De ...118

Evaluation of Anxiety Slatus in Medical Students Prior to Examination Stress : A. Malathi and Vidya G. Parulkar ...121

Short Communications

Immunotox.ic Responses of Cypermethrin, A Synthetic Pyrethroid Insecticide in Rats : C. Varshneya, T. Singh, L. D. Sharma, H. S. Bahga and S. K. Garg ...123

Comparison of the Protective Effect of Withaferin - 'A' and Hydrocortisone against CCL, induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats : S. Sudhir and R. D. Budhiraja ...127

Aggravating Action of Hydralazine on Ethanol-induced Gastric Lesions : P. N. Bhandare, P. V. Rataboli, R. S. Diniz D'Souza and V. G. Dhume ...130

Failure of Reduce Experimental Myocardial Infarct Size with Ibuprofen Pre-lrealrnent in Rats : A. Lal and M. L. Sharma ...133

Letter to Editor

Changes in Cognitive Functions in Epileptics on Sodium Valproate Monotherapy : S. Jha, D. Nag, R. Shukla, A. M. Kar, R. C. Saxena and J. K. Trivedi ...135

Effect of Extract of Leaves of Vinca Rosea Linn. on Glucose Utilization and Glycogen Deposition by Isolated Rat Hemidiaphragm : R. R. Chattopadhyay, S. K. Sarkar, S. Ganguly, R. N. Banerjee and T. K. Basu ...137

Drug Advertisements in Indian Medical Journals : A. Lal and M. L. Sharma ...139

Desired Pupillary Dilation Achieved with a Smaller Drop Volume of Phenylephrine in Rabbits : A. Lal and M. L. Sharma ...141

An Assessment of Clinical Trials with Drugs : A. Lal and M. L. Sharma ...143